Clash Of Clans Town Hall 8 Army Composition

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The Best Clash of Clans Town Hall 8 Army Composition for looting in this COC game is depend on some conditions such as Army Level Tier, Army Camp Level, and most important Strategy how to use it. Of course there are so many guides about this TH8 Composition in Google but we will give you another Strategy in Town Hall 8 attack Strategy Composition. 
I Play this Clash of Clans from Supercell for faming from Town Hall 4 until now Town Hall 10 and really got great result. Of course there are some failures too but later then i got really great strategy to do when farming in Town Hall 8 Clash of Clans. When in town hall 8 i try to mix about all strategy that i created ini TH7 by using Barbarian and Archers mostly but it won’t get me satisfaction because of TH8 not the Town Hall 7 anymore because it getting bigger and stronger. In fact there are adding both Mortar and Wizard tower which have splash damages. So i decided to change my strategy and find this best strategy which is use Giant Barbarian and Arcers.
 TH8 Army Composition

The Clash of Clans Town Hall 8 Army Composition for 200 Army Camp Space

10 Giants
70 Barbarians
70 Archers
5 Wallbreakers

For Clash of Clans Town Hall 8 Army Composition 220 Space

12 Giants
75 Barbarians
75 Archers
6 Wallbreakers
To Ensure the best result of this composition use 2 Heal Spells and 1 Rage Spell. Sometimes you can use your Heroes to make it even better result. Spells are used when your troops in desperation moment so it will help all troops that you deployed in war zone. But when your troops aren’t in critical condition so you can keep it for next raid.
TH8 Army Composition

Strategy Clash of Clans Town Hall 8 Army Composition

Find great and most base loot

Base with much loot either Gold and Elixir will help you to achieve excellent result than ever. So basically all you have to do is find it with most Gold and Elxir. For me the best result is between 200K gold and Elixir, more than that it will be bonus. 

Attacking Strategy

Commonly Best ways to attack is find where the Gold and Elixir Storages are be placed. After that you can deploy your troop nearest drop point to it by using these method  Giants all firstly. Secondly Wallbreaker 2 each second and then Barbarian. Last troop to deploy are Archers to back up your barbarians. Sometimes you can lure Clan Castle first, but after last update we can use Poison Spell to kill it later.

But sometimes you can lure the Clan Castle first to ensure your safety by dropping one two or three barbarian in a Clan Castle zone. After that you can lure it into corner of the base and kill it with surround it with your barbarian. For me its better using Poison Spell to get more times than lure CC first.
Clash of Clans Town Hall 8 Army Composition Strategy above is just another great experience of me that may help you to gain best moment in TH8 COC. Hopefully helpful for you and subscribe me in Youtube, Google + and Facebook to get another great articles. Read also Best Spell Combination Clash of Clans