Protecting Gold Elixir Clash Of Clans

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Saving Resources in Clash of Clans, well definitely this is a game created by Supercell as android developer official. Indeed, this game is one of the most interesting games to be played on mobile devices. Tobe succeed in this game, players will need a good strategy as well as amount of Gold and Elixir. Protecting Gold and Elixir is a strategy that will be reviewed by campuradukloh as part of this guide, tips and tricks to play Clash of Clans. In general, and specifically will be discussed in the following article.
Game Clash of Clans has resources of gold and elixir. The main reason why players attack are due to this resources. So, try to spend existing resources before players gather too much and attract the attention enemy players. You can spend gold  immediately by upgrade the village walls or by eliminating bush, wood, stone, tree when having unemployed builder. To spend elixirs, you can conduct research in the Laboratory for something or buy decorations.

Protecting Gold Elixir Clash of Clans?

One of the best ways to prevent the attack is to not make the attacker interested in our village. Gold or elixir is a tool that will be used to manage our village. Definitely resources that are not collected from Elixir Collector and Gold Mines can be stolen. Another way to spend the resources is to create a queue of troops, even if the camp is full; do research or buy bombs and traps.
Protecting Gold Elixir Clash of Clans
Don’t put Elixir storage and gold storages can be access by attacker easily. Place gold and elixir storage in the middle of the village and protect by defensive buildings. At the same time, do not let a large amount of resources still exist in Elixir Collector and Gold Mines.
Create Base Design looks difficult to attack is another things to do. Surely every player wants to upgrade the wall as high as we can, with the aim of making the attackers think twice if they want to attack. Keep in mind that this wall will end up being the best early defense in the game.

The author will tell the reader all about types of layouts villages most widely used in the Clash of Clans.
Protecting Gold Elixir Clash of Clans
Protecting Gold Elixir Clash of Clans, player should put defense and storage of gold, elixir, DE behind the wall and the rest building, outside the walls. The layout is very easy to giant and after giants destroy the wall, they will be able to go to destroy our defense without any problems. At the same time, the layout is very easy to goblins, because once they get inside, they will quickly find and take the gold, elixir, DE, and they will run faster than the others to take it. Usually when battle with goblins our defense would win, but of course most of the gold, the elixir, DE definitely been drained.
Protecting Gold Elixir Clash of Clans
Another layout is when a player puts the Town Hall in the center of the village by making a defense wall around each building shaped like a 4 × 4. The layout is good against the giant, because the walls will slow them down. However, this layout is very susceptible to army consisting of Giants + Archers, where the Giants will make a diversion and protect archers, those archers will destroy buildings very quickly.
Upgrade your defensive buildings becomes next thing to do. Do not upgrade all of your defensive buildings at the same time, because while they are being upgraded, they will not be able to attack and protect the village.
Protecting Gold Elixir Clash of Clans
Upgrade wall defense. Actually Players must constantly upgrade the village walls, because as we said above, this will end up being the best defense that will slow down the attacker. Also, do not put a wall around the Town Hall, as if the enemy got there, the village may be destroyed anyway. Please upgrade defense walls that protect buildings such as canon, archer towers, wizard tower, and mortar first.
Create a trap is another way Protecting Gold Elixir Clash of Clans. Trap placement will have a big impact on how the attack will run. Do not put them in a place that will be predicted, because the people who attack will send 1-2 soldiers there and will try to trigger it.
Clan Castle Placement. Fact that Troops in the Clan castle will come out when the enemy troops entered range of Clan Castle. Then, the troops will be able to jump over the wall and will attack the enemies. Try to put Clan Castle somewhere near building defensive so that the troops will be supported by building defensive and would destroy the enemy faster.
Protecting Gold Elixir Clash of Clans is another best strategy to protect the gold and the elixir in the game Clash of clans. If there are suggestions, criticisms and comments please put in the form of words that either in the comments below, thanks. Read also List of What Building To Upgrade first?