How To Report Someone On Clash Of Clans

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Clash of Clans Game Feature which is not known by Clasher is whether How to Report Someone on Clash of Clans and How To Change Village Name on Clash of Clans. Today we will discuss about the first subject because it is really urgent to know for everybody.  There are so many clasher or someone who plays COC Game around the world, of course there are also so many behavior too. Sometimes lot of player act so offensive or tend to be rude, mean, and latest fact that there are also offensive base design that unpleasant to be seen. So if you are experience about all things mentioned above, you can use this feature to report about offensive behavior in Clash of Clans because Supercell has the rules that should be obey for any player of COC.

How  To Report Someone on Clash of Clans 
How  To report Someone on Clash of Clans is separated into some categories in order to make it easier to be proceed and well handle by Supercell. Below are that things you can send and report to Supercell. You can report a name of village, offensive base design, impolite base design that make you unpleasant, you could do these kind of steps below:
  • Take screenshot from village which is rude and arrogant for your unpleasant proof.
  • Collect all information from that offensive player like vilage name, experience level, Town Hall level, and what clan name?)
  • Send it to Supercell by send it through “Report an Issue” button which placed in Help and Support. If you still don’t know where it is, yo can see it in “GEAR” button bottom right.
How  To Report Someone on Clash of Clans
How  To report Someone on Clash of Clans also can be used if we meet player who love bullying, or disturbing someone in this Clash of Clans game especially in Global Chat. You can send it by this easy steps:
  • Press Name Player that bad behavior and choose “Report”
  • You can use another option like “Mute” and guarantee you won’t see another next comments from this player, but unfortunately this player still see your chat.
How  To Report Someone on Clash of Clans
Tips To Report Someone on Clash of Clans another thing is when you experience bad things in you clan like getting rude behavior from clanmates, intimidating arrogant behavior, you can report this player by using these steps below:
  • Take screenshot of comment your clanmates in Chat
  • Collect all the information from the player (vilage name, experience level, Town Hall Level and What Clan name?)
  • Send it to Supercell all information above by pressing “report an issue” in help and support. IF you don’t know where the button is, its located in bottom right with “GEAR” picture.
How  To report Someone on Clash of Clans at least 2X24 hours maximum you will get the result of your report, just be patient and wait because there are lots player send it too. Hopefully helpfull for you who are looking for way to send report to Supercell, thanks for coming and keep update with my latest info by following my G+ or another My Social Network. Read also 7 Things You Should Know About Clash of Clans

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