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Gems Box in Clash of Clans is another most interesting feature to wait except the COC update of course. For you who don’t know well what gemsbox is, well actually this gems box is a box that contains green gems that you will find it sometimes.  Usually Gems Box will appear anywhere everywhere near your Clash of Clans base. Definitely this mysterious gems box becomes important thing in this COC, but the question are can we steal this gems box? Is that gems box can be crushed with lightning spell? Is that gems box appears every day?  So here we are to give you explanation about all those questions above and how to get gems box in Clash of Clans.
Get Gems Box Clash of Clans
Easy step how to get gems box clash of clans is a tricky thing to be predicted by Clash of Clans player. Even in Supercell itself couldn’t give brief explanation about how gem box appears. But they answer fundamental question that is,  “gems box will appear every month” and you will get at least 25 gems in that box. Another explanation about gemsbox itself, every clash of clans player does get equal gems box. But in my experience with two Clash of Clans account it will not same between one player and other. In fact when I got lower level of Town Hall this gems box will appear more often than higher Town Hall.
Next question about Can we steal this gems box??? Well unfortunately this gems box Clash of Clans can’t be stolen by everyone. No matter how far you try to steal this, for example I have seen the raider using 3 lightning spells to get this gems box. Result was? You know what I am thinking right? Completely useless and it just a waste thing to do. So  don’t bother to raid Gemsbox clash of clans no matter how tempty it is. 
Easy Step How to Get Gems Box Clash of Clans
Another thing about this gems box is when your builder still in duty to open this gems box, I suggest you don’t cancel it during works. Because you will regret, in fact you will lose your gems box and don’t get anything from it. Not getting 25 additions gems and also lost your 1000 elixir or gold to hire your builder.

The interesting fact about Easy Step How to Get Gems Box Clash of Clans is

  • When your base has been raided more than 5 times and destroyed with at least 75% from your base, you will get this gems box quickly than the base which is not getting destroyed.
  •  Clash of Clans bases that vacuum or not active for a week will get quickly than active player.
  • Town Hall lower level in Clash of Clans will get more gems box than higher level Town hall.
So Easy Step How to Get Gems Box Clash of Clans above is just for explanation about what we should know about this COC feature. If this article helpful for you, we are enjoying hearing that.  Yo might read another article How to Report Someone in Clash of Clans

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