Clash Of Clans Easy War Clan Strategy Attack

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War Clan Clash of Clans is another thing and you probably understand this caseSometimes Anyone Great Clasher already done to invest with plenty troops in clan War, donating excellent War Clan Castle troops, and find the best war troops combination clan War. you probably did everything you could to win that Clan War, however finally war ended and, you face this:

You know and understand you might lose the clan War. Although, during this problems shown on screenshot, you will have an opportunity to take over the final outcome of this war. Oftenly, you’re facing problems of 10-15 Stars behind with 1 hour left. you almost certainly believe yourself, what am i capable to do to push winning or a minimum getting a draw? I actually have some tips for you on Clash of Clans Easy War Clan Strategy Attack that you should do, however let’s face the facts that most attacks were used and possibly only great bases were left, therefore there’s something you could  do if you’re facing this similar problems.

Clan War COC
Clash of Clans Easy War Clan Strategy Attack

Clash of Clans Easy War Clan Strategy Attack

Mobilize all Clanmates!  Use everything you could do, although your last attacks were being taken. clan mails communication and clan Chat will be very helpful. Sometimes, clan members understand and knowing one another outside Clash of Clans, perhaps contact them via WhatsApp, BBM would be another ways.

If you get some folks with trooper attacks prepared, make certain they will be used with wisely and make sure they will get the stars potential. If a town hall ten maxed player must attack a town hall level five, that is not a big thing – it’s not a thought fight right, and your clan will gain another stars, but what if it turn into your clanmates Town Hall 5 and they will face TH10? just ensure to try getting any stars left. If the TH10 wins and another TH7 player needs to attack, find the Easiest Base to attack in Clan War

Unfortunately, that’s it, there’s nothing else you could do. On the opposite hand, there so much reasons why you’re on same situation, and because of that i suggest you some recommendation that might be useful if this case happen again in the future:

Clan War COC
Clash of Clans Easy War Clan Strategy Attack
  1. Ensure everybody in our clan players attacks in war clan. It will get a lot of stars from. In my Clan, we are saying the first attack must be a 3-star attack and  the second is for fewer stars. Also, we have a tendency to hold the five lowest enemy bases for our five weakest players.
  2.  Clanmates should have some sensible sense and active players that waiting at war. Have some players at clan will help final score against the enemy, therefore you could be able to get 10-15 stars within the last hour. Give an idea to ensure that they will attack, therefore this must be mentioned at the beginning joining clan
  3. Watch your members. Tell your clan mates to find the best base clan war because sometime they only copy paste regular base into war base. Really annoying

Clash of Clans Easy War Clan Strategy Attack

My clan managed this example mentioned by these easy rules above. Sometimes we can’t win it because so many reasons. Sometimes, the matchmaking at clan war isn’t particularly reasonable for you and you get a  powerful opponent clan than your clan. Hopefully best luck for your next clan War. Read also Clan war Base TH8

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