Best TH9 Base Against Hogs Clash Of Clans

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Town Hall 9 Base Clash of Clans article today will talk about Best TH9 Base Against Hogs.  This base TH9 and TH10 usually raid by some Hogriders, especially in Warclan. Basically this Hog Rider still has many weaknesses when in no max level and of course these kind of dark elixir troops still effective for those bases which have weakness layout.  So here we are to give you the Ultimate Town Hall 9 Anti Hogrider Base.
Best TH9 Base
Best TH9 Base Against Hogs
Best TH9 Base Against Hogrider concept basically these hogs will targeting defensive building at first and nothing else. It will ignore and jump through wall between one defensive building to another. To make it stronger usually mixed with healing spell and rage spell. For This Ultimate Town hall 9 Anti Hogrider Base here we will make them all go around the base without broken the main core. In Main Core we will put our defensive buildings which have Long range attack.
In Town Hall 9 we have such as X-bows and also in Town Hall 10 we have Inferno Towers. We also need to put the Clan Castle in the middle of our base because its long range attacks. You could combine the mortar too with these defensive building. Basically they will decrease little by little health of these hogrider while they are going around the base. You can set one the inferno tower into multiple target to ensure this strategy work.
Best TH9 Base
Best TH9 Base Against Hogs
Best TH9 Base Against Hogrider second layer is an area without defensive building. This area will be put between your defensive building in center of your base and next layer after this second area. The main purpose of course to make hogrider unable to break into center of your base which is put with long defensive building. So in this area you should put any building without defensive like Gold Storages, DE Storages, Elixir Storages, Elixir pump, etc. Put it all covers your main core building. You can also put your anti hogrigder weapon like Giants bomb, set it in here and it will give lots damage for the hogriders. 
Best TH9 Base
Best TH9 Base Against Hogs
Best TH9 Base Against Hogs last layer will be set remaining defensive building such as Archer Towers, Cannons, etc. We set this to make Hogrider will attack these kind of defensive building first and then it will goes around to get another building. We can put another traps like spring traps between the building. Basically traps will help and improve our defensive because it will send off the hogrider attack immediately. 
Best TH9 Base
Spike TH9 Base 
Town Hall 9 base design that you should not use is base that opened their defense like spike base design above. It will easy to raid with low level of barbarian troops or archers. This kind of base I always seen it when raiding in this Clash of Clans game, and of course I love it.
Best TH9 Base
Best TH9 Base Against Hogs
Finally Best TH9 Base Against Hogs here is another great TH9 base design if you are looking for safety for your base although of course you can find it also in Google images. You can pick it up to be used for your own base. You can also change it according to your idea. Read also Perfect Farming Base Town Hall 9

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