Beginner Tips Clash Of Clans

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Clash of Clans is a strategy game that really need tips and guide to be played. If you are a clasher who wants to be good at it you should read any tips and strategy COC in everywhere, anywhere. Of course if you are not intending to learn you can use easiest way that is buy gems with real money and those are cost really lots.  But if you won’t buy it we will give you lot of strategy in Clash of Clans, and today we would give you Beginner Tips Clash of Clans.

How to be good in Clash of Clans

The first Beginner Tips Clash of Clans is patient. This way absolutely will gain you more successful from other if you set your mind to be patient from the beginning in COC. Of course like I said before you can use an easy way with buying some gems to get fastest than else. So ignore easy way and focus with patient thing.  You can upgrade little by little to, one building into another building, and stay focus on it.
Beginner Tips Clash of Clans

Don’t waste your Gems in Clash of Clans

Beginner Tips Clash of Clans another thing to do is Keep mind that gems only used at the right moment and the right place. Example of wasting gems is you are intending to faster your training time. Eventhough use these gems to buy builder huts, because you can only buy them with these green gems. One builder hut or a buider is a place that used to be home for plumber or a buider that will help you to build all entire of building in this game. You can buy the first and second buider no more 500 gems, but after it you will ask 1000 gems for builder no 4 and 2000 for the last buider. So keep your gems only tobe used at the right time right place
tips Clash of Clans

Upgrade all building in Clash of Clans.

Clash of Clans will grant you to upgrade all entire of building in this game. For the first you can upgrade Town Hall to open another extra building.  You can set priority building to upgrade as you need, but the most important thing to upgrade is your defensive buildings like walls, mortars, cannons, archer tower, etc. After that you can set another priority like resources building, elixir storages, gold storages, DE storages, gold collector etc. Do it as fast as you can.
Tips Clash of Clans
Beginner Tips Clash of Clans

Always Raid and Conquer

Set in your mind to raid COC will be great after all things above is working as well as it should be. Raiding another village is different thing than else. In here we will get challenge to conquer and defeat the base which we raid. Gain some Gold and elixir is fundamental thing in raiding COC. Sometimes we can raid for trophies if it necessary.
Beginner Tips Clash of Clans article above is just for you who want to play this game like professional and expert. So do all the items above to ensure you get this result “a pro” or expert “ in COC. Thanks for eading this article and you might read How To Report Someone in Clash of Clans