Base War Town Hall 8 Anti Air Troops

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Town Hall 8 Clash of Clans will become one step closer to perfect base in Clash of Clans. I truly agree with this kind of argument because TH9 and TH10 is a perfect base defense, I mean with the proportional walls. This Town Hall 8 War base completely different from others design because I only take the best design in my article. I also blogwalking in order to ensure about this base is good enough or not. Of course there is no perfect base actually because it always has weaknesses, So if you are looking for Base War Town Hall 8 Anti Air Troops here we are for you.

War Base TH8
War Base TH8
Base War Town Hall 8 Anti Air Troops here is just an example for you who looking for TH8 Base design in Clash of Clans. Actually this base layout is good enough to protect your stars from getting out in clan war. The main features in this Town Hall 8 War Base are:
  • Put the Clan Castle in the Central of Base
  •  Air defense building in the middle of the base
  • High DP of Storages for covering your all Defensive building
  • Places in any side of Base for Hidden Tesla and also Spring Traps
Base War Town Hall 8 Anti Air Troops only works if your air defense be put in the center of your base to make sure when the dragons or balloons come to attack another building, air defense flush it off out of the base.
War Base TH8
War Base TH8
Finally this Base War Town Hall 8 Anti Air Troops just for your reference of TH8 Base Design only, there is no intention to be expert from you all clasher. Thanks for coming to my pro clash of clans website, and you might read another article Clash of Clans Town Hall 8 Design

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