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Base design in this Clash of clans game actually vary depend on the purpose itself. You might probably curious why and how could be like that.  Based on that thing good clashers in COC game need to understand about what its work and what purposes to be like that.   Indeed all base design in here will have different kind of purposes so here we are to give you solution for choosing what best type in clash of clans for your village.
Base Type Clash of Clans
Base Type Clash of Clans in here can be categorized into three major base design Clash of Clans. We can divided into Farming base design, Trophy base Design and Hybrid base design. OF course all of its will give us another purposes and different goal. So lets get started with this Farming Base Clash of Clans.

Farming Base Type Clash of Clans


Actually this base can be seen with characteristic Town Hall will be put in the outside of village or walls. This town hall will sacrifice itself to protect any resources. Yes indeed, this purpose of Farming Base Design mainly to protect resources like  gold, elixir and also dark elixir. 
Farming Base Type Clash of Clans
Farming base Clash of Clans will help clasher to protect its resources by 50 % from attacker. If you still don’t get it, let me explain little bit. The enemy attacker in COC, usually find two thing that are resources like gold, elixir or dark elixir. It also attack for reason of trophy pushing.  When the enemy see Town Hall tobe placed in outside of base, there are two thing that will be happen either raid entire of village or just raid TH.  So when attacker is looking for resources, your base might be got damage. But if the attacker is looking for trophy then your resources are safe right?

Trophy Base Type Clash of Clans


This Base design COC almost same with hybrid base, but in this design mainly focus to defend from losing trophy. This base will protect village base in order to make the attacker can’t get any stars. Of course you also understand about if the enemy attackers get one star we will lose at least 10 to 15 trophies, so imagine when they got 3 stars how many stars we lose?
Base Type Clash of Clans
Mainly this Base Type Trophy Design Clash of Clans will put the Town Hall in the middle of village, and this means its looks same with Hybrid Type Base. Of course we can see centered Clan Castle from this base and also resources be put in any place in front of defensive building.


Hybrid Base Type Clash of Clans


Hybrid Base design COC will combine both trophy base and also farming base. The main purpose is to ensure all entire of base village will be safe from any attacker both trophy raider and resources raider. You can see this base with centered Town Hall and also centered Clan Castle. 
Base Type Clash of Clans
In my opinion this is an ultimate base design to be used for any clasher, because we can save both resources and trophy. But you have to know this fundamental thing before use this base design. Is that your defensive buildings as great as it looks? If those all your defensive building has upgraded until max or at least below it, you can use this Hybrid Base Type Clash of Clans. But if you don’t have adequate defensive structure, I suggest you to use either Farming Base Design or Trophy Base design.
Base Type Clash of Clans above is just for your own reference how to build good base according to your will. For conclusion there is no best base design in Clash of Clans because it will have any weaknesses. Have fun and read also  Best TH9 Base Againts Hogs Clash of Clans

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