How To Get More Loot In Clash Of Clans

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Loot Issues, adapted League Reward and many more things happened last year in Clash of Clans and when some recovering slowly I still get plenty of questions How To Get More Loot in Clash of Clans. The Loot you get from your raids is simply the Loot you possibly can make – there’s almost nothing to change. If you think that your Loot circumstance is still bad I have wrapped up some things here you may want to check to make improvements to your individual Loot circumstance because maybe you do things that just decrease the Loot you can have.
How To Get More Loot in Clash of Clans you have to check if you do some things that decrease your Loot. Easily spoken is not how to find more loot – this is what you shouldn’t do to get bad loots. There is no magic thing that can be done to get suddenly just a lot of loot, and got 7 things you need to check because they might actually be responsible for bad loots.
How To Get More Loot in COC
How To Get More Loot in Clash of Clans
Check if you are in the League right

Since the League has increased with the upgrading of Halloween makes 2014 a part larger than what it earns during breeding. The most common way was just using BARCH to get the loot and the end of the attack. Now it is very important that you are within a League that offers the basics may attack with enough booty and you should always go to at least 1 star. I personally have only between 10-20% of my bouts of agriculture without a League and I only do that when I met very juicy bases. You can check out detailed changes in the Bonus here and here you will find my trophy General ranges for farming depends on your level of Town Hall. Please also do not hear people telling you that Farming Sub 200 is worth it – absolutely not and with the current configuration of the abandoned bases will never be.

How To Get More Loot in COC
How To Get More Loot in Clash of Clans
How many loot from your Clan War?

Clan War raises a lot of loot out of nowhere and with the Bonus of war has become a solid part of greater income for players. You should take a look at your results and if you’re not getting enough out of it please check out:

  • You’re not getting a lot of war Bonus because you don’t win most of your attacks? Check the Setup and attacking more villages. It’s hard to tell from scratch what is causing this so maybe you should read some other Clan War related tactics.
  •  You’re winning your attacks, but hardly pay war bonuses. In this case both stick to low for municipalities the easy 3 stars or maybe use a very expensive Setup of the troop. Doing a massive dragon attack is successful enough but also expensive – maybe try using a setup more convenient but also effective. Less cost means more booty.
  •  Your Bonus of war okay but don’t do it because the Clan is not winning most of the Clan wars. Although this is something that cannot involve yourself, there are ways to improve the effectiveness of the Clan. Maybe get confronted with opponents too strong?
With the Halloween Update 2014 war Bonus has also increased and also get more if you lose the war. I think this is one of the most effective way How To Get More Loot in COC more generally.
How To Get More Loot in COC
How To Get More Loot in Clash of Clans
Are you using the wrong setting for your Farming Base

As in Clan War attacks you should use very expensive works at the farm. The best way to farm is still using BARCH or BAM. Just calculate the cost of your average setup (+ troops spells) and ask if this is the number can get from an attack medium. My rule of thumb is that the attack should cover costs and the League is the range of profit.

How about your skills Scouting?

In general I think your skills are enough to know what kind of base you can attack and win and those that burn only the troops in his pocket. However everyone can improve so just see the number of resources that can plunder and game right away if you can take down the base? Take a step further in checks to see if maybe you could get some loot in style “hit-and-run” from deposits, collectors or maybe even the loot out of the Clan’s Castle. You might not get the Bonus League but you can get 100 k of resources to invest only a small portion of your troops.
More loot with fire attacking clash between clan raiding a lot of gold with archers 

How To Get More Loot in COC
How To Get More Loot in Clash of Clans
Another thing when it comes to Scouting is nexting. Whenever you want to see another base pay (up to 1,000 Gold) and this adds ruthless. I sometimes Scouting with like 50 k gold and I surprised myself how fast I’ve spent everything just nexting. Always have an eye on what spent Scouting – usually stop searching when I could not find a suitable destination in 50 bases. Just wait for half an hour and then raiding.

Note: When Boost my barracks I always do at least raid 1 first to verify the overall situation not to waste the gems. Check if there are good foundations for more booty and not having a zero profit session on breeding gems.

You get enough loot, but also lose a lot

How To Get More Loot in COC also because of this situation. Sometimes just got raided too and you lose a lot of resources that they raided. You should check our defense – perhaps log looks like this:

Log Raided Clash of Clans
How To Get More Loot in Clash of Clans
Here are some steps you can do to resolve this situation:
  • Do you have your Town Hall exposed correctly? This will help you having a cheap shield most of the time.
  • Is your resources storage  protected enough in your layout or are possible for an attacker to snipe the deposits above the outside walls?
Raid at the wrong time?

The busiest times are in the morning when everyone checks their base for the first time and in the evening between 8-10 p.m. The matching process is globally so you should check which times zones USA, India, China, Central Europe are in relation to the time zone that you are inside. The best thing to do is always a feeling so note the times when you had very bad booty sessions and very good booty and find a model after several days.

Conclusion How To Get More Loot in Clash of Clans If you apply those things you recognize an increase in total income and you will have more loot. Don’t listen to things like Server always juicier with changing the language of the game. The matchmaking is fully global and global chat room you’re inside has absolutely no influence on that. You might love to read this How To Save Resources in Clash of Clans.

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