COC Master League Attack Strategy

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If you were thinking that rise to the Clash of Clans Crystal and Master league is an impossible thing, then you must first fix your mind in this COC game. Pretty bit difficult indeed when we have to compete with players who have a high level, especially those who have entered the crystal and amp; master league, competition in this league is very very tight & amp; difficult. So is when we farming, but do not be sad first bro, we are here have a solution, these following COC Master League Attack Strategy

Being on league with such high levels of Crystal or Master League is quite proud to us. I believe basically in this league there are so many players with a high level which of course has a pretty tight defense. It also combine with such strictly defense that will make difficult to us penetrate the opponent’s defense and stealing loot that on it, but if we more carefully in finding the opponent, maybe we could easily find loot.

farming in master league Clash of Clans
COC Master League Attack Strategy
 The COC Master League Attack Strategy:
  • Full Archer (Max Army Camp)
Spell for COC Master League Attack Strategy:
  • lightning Spell
Farming in Master League Clash of Clans:
  • Fill in all the Army Camp with troops Archer
  •  Search Base with loot above 150 thousand or above 1000 for DE (Prioritizes choose one of it).
  • Prioritize attack base that has an easy stolen loot like mine & amp; collector in full or dark conditions elixir driller in full condition.
  • Attack the base by an archer from every angle.
  • Focus on Base Clash of Clans that has a lot of loot.
Farming in Master League Clash of Clans following video is an idea that farming strategy clash of clans by using archer can get the maximum result.

The advantages of this COC Farming Strategy:

– Cost of training really cheap
– Fast training time

Disadvantages of this COC Farming Strategy:

– HP in this troop is small
– Vulnerable with area attack like cannons

Farming Strategy Clash of Clans, Crystal and Master League With regular army that use like an archer make you could not attack the opponent with a full attack, because the archer only has small HP. This Troop can be very powerful if used for farming, because archers will attack your opponent building with fast and absolutely very effective against gold mine buildings and elixir

Finally COC Master League Attack Strategy, Crystal and Master League conclusion, You can combine this attacking strategy with another troops like giant or barbarian, of course depend on the target that you seek. If you has gained lot of loots, try to stop and do not push yourself. Save the troop for the next attack. Well that it, but you might be interested reading this  article How to Get More Loots in Clash of Clans.