Clash Of Clans Update February 2015

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Clash of Clans Update February 2015 Leaks is true??? well The vast majority of you might not forget the Leakage while using the December 2014 Christmas Update if the full Release Notes happened being public even prior to the Sneak Peeks are released. Now there can be another Leak around and I will share to you all:

With the last Leak I was pessimistic that the Leaks have been recently true. The Post depend of Anoushka can be real (just checked it on this very second and also the Screen couldn’t possibly be that old). I also disregard the spelling mistakes (Yes, you’re right – I am able to spot some)

UPDATE: A few hours after I posted it would appear that these are simply fake. Galadon (who is having a good insight) reported these individuals as fake. RRPatrick was therefore nice to warp in place some pro and con on this whole fake-or-not conversation (I took it on the comments, hope you don’t mind):

Pros Clash of Clans Update February 2015:

  • The released list appeared in reddit such as last time
  •  No admin or supercell staff members deny the released list
  • Excellent timing!!
  • brand new ideas, which haven´t commented so far in the forum (like waterfall forthcoming back)
cons Clash of Clans Update February 2015:
  • the spaces around the font look not  same as the background (potoshopped? )
  • Anoushka haven’t posted this comment (as you’ll be able to investigate at SC Forum)
  • On reddit appeared a 2nd Anoushka-Fake-Comment which present this first comment and itself like a fake
  • No note about X-Box Glitch repaired
  • No sneak highs. they should get started when 11/2 could be the release date, shouldn´t they?
  • There is a least a subsequent “leaked feature list” together with different items
If you stick to Campuradukloh or in Facebook check this Clash of Clans Update February 2015 you’ll receive all News about it and hopefully most of us will reveal reality soon!
I also found an incredibly realistic picture on the Cannon Level 13 plus the Mortar Level 9 in.
Clash of Clans Update
Clash of Clans Update February 2015
If it is a fake it’s performed very realistic! If these new Levels are really coming I want these new look exactly this way.
 Are the Clash of Clans Update February 2015 Leaks legit?
Regarding the Capabilities they sound quite legit in my opinion and I feel that someone happened to find a way to enter into the internal section of the official Supercell Community forum to leak these. The Update Date can be next weeks Wednesday which is normal the Replace Day for Battle of Clans. I do think only time can inform us if they usually are legit or definitely not but nothing keeps you clear of speculating there from the comments. Here are my personal applying for grants the Update Leakages.
Cannon Level 13 – Higher Mortars Town Area 9 –   Dragons Level 5

This may not be that big of any surprise for me when i already predicted a quantity 13 Cannon. I think Town Hall 9 will get higher Mortars to finally get some good real power against BARCH. The Dragon Level 5 could be the logical order but if that may be necessary is upon another page. 

Waterfall resurrection 2015 – Heroes accessible in War
Just in case you’re not understanding the Waterfall… it turned out available but as a result of performance concerns Supercell taken away the Waterfall back in 2013 
Waterfall Ressurection Clash of Clans
Clash of Clans Update February 2015
My personal most favourite thing about the Update is that will Heroes now will be available in warclan while they up grade. This was essentially the most reason that costed me Gems or make me wait upgrade them further because with not a Hero you’re far behind within a Clan War. The  question about that is: Why did that take such a long time, Supercell?? 
UP-DATE February 11th the Sneak Peeks for your February 2015  up to date. 

This is actually the very last official record we’ve acquired until now.
Clash of Clans Update sneak peek
Clash of Clans Update February 2015
Public statement regarding Sneak peeks from the official forum

So according Clash of Clans Update February 2015 Let’s do some math… that was posted yesterday upon Februray 10th, so maybe the very first Sneak Peek can arrive tomorrow (Thursday, thirteenth February). Anyway if there will be no Sneak Glance tomorrow I fear they won’t come before in the future. Let us pray the best!