Clash Of Clans Strategy Against Air Defense

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Clash of Clans Strategy Against air Defense here we will play with the dragon attack strategy because this  mythical beasts “Dragon” absolutely provide the better solution from raiding, war clan to get 3 stars easy.

As we know, Dragons are truly solid, undoubtedly! raiding or attack with Dragons generally provides no less than 2-stars and it doesn’t cost any Dark Elixir. With This Dragon, we don’t have to afraid with ground unit defences such as cannons, mortars, huge bombs, or X-bows. They can’t touch our dragon!

But don’t use it often because this dragons army are truly costly, so I  suggest  utilize them only in  of Clan Wars or getting Master League!

Best clash of clans strategy against air defense
what is your Objectives

Your target will impact your technique. You have to find your goals, not all raiding with Dragon has the same objectives.

Farming: Don’t utilize or using this beast dragon unit to get Gold and Elixir, or even Dark Elixir, except huge DE.

1 star: 1 star? No chance! Don’t use this Dragons for only 1 star. BAM Attack Strategy or Barbarian –  Archer will be considerably more successful!

2 stars: If your mythical beasts are low level and the opponent’s Air Defenses in max level, it will be little bit difficult to get 3 stars. Don’t be victory only with 80% and 1 star, target Town Hall first!

3 stars: It isn’t hard to get 3 stars by attacking TH8 and under in Clan War.

Three Air Defenses can kill your mythical beast in few seconds. That is the reason never utilize only one monster. It will be a waste!

clash of clans strategy
clash of clans strategy against air defense

Pick troops to prepare before attacking:

Concentrated Air Defenses: All winged serpents! Remember to demand one more Dragon for your Clan Castle
Air Defense behind wall : 8 level 4-5 hogrider or 8 level 5-6 ballons with the rest is dragon would be great!

Farming : 8 Dragons and combine with archer
clash of clans strategy against air defense how do we think about Spell? Town Hall 7 and TH8: With 3 Lightning Spells, you can destroy all Air Defense in TH7 and 8 without any problem! With this strategy by sending your dragons in the near or close Air Defense, i bet the rest of Air Defenses are consider  done, this is easy and we will this match completely!

This table will reveal to you which level of Air Defense can be pulverized by 3 x Lightning Spells with direct hits!

clash of clans strategy
clash of clans strategy against air defense

Town Hall 9 and 10:

I think by defeating one of Air Defense in these Town Halls won’t ensure get 3-star, because of  the fact that there are  3 more Air defenses. Use Rage Spells will be significantly more successful for this situation than Lightning Spells. They will be useful while our dragons little bit slow. However my best opinion by using Freeze Spell is the best spell for this situation to defeat the inferno or another air defenses.

Note: Do not make Healing Spell, it will be wasting! Since the maxed Healing Spell can’t do its work quicker than a level 3 Air Defense. Furthermore the Infernos will block Heal Spell’s job.

Dragons Attacking Strategy

Before attacking: Don’t attempt to draw CC troops or Heroes. Since Dragons can’t be blocked by walls.

  • Step 1: Drop Lightning Spell specifically to the Air Defense to bring it down! (TH 7-8 only)
  • Step 2: If Air Defenses are defended by 1 wall or not crush them first with your Heroes.
  • Step 3: Select place to deploy, For farming method, simply send it from the closest side to the DE Storage. For 3 stars, you have to raid from the side which is the closest rest of Air Defenses.

In case that all sides are similar to attack, simply pick the side which has the most lower hit point defense building.

  • Step 4: Sent Clan Castle (Dragon and another troops inside), Heroes and 2 different Dragons  on the corners of the side you need to raid from.
  • Step 5: You can utilize Rage Spell to help Dragon moves fast and destroys the Air Defenses faster. Use Rage Spell when the dragons near the Inferno Towers.  Deploy Freeze Spell when your Dragons are in the scope of the Infernos or another great high level air defensive. 

Well finally we get clash of clans strategy against air defense by using dragon troops. If you want to use another tactical or strategy to raid in clash of clans game you might take a look at how to defeat town hall 10 using hogrider.

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