Clan Experience And Clan Perks Clash Of Clans

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Clash of Clans Update feature in February 2015 is Clan Experience and Clan Perks Clash of Clans. The difference between them all is when clan experience can be gain at Clan Wars in order to make our clan level up. This mean with the clan experience we can get equal enemies in Clan War COC. When Clan Badges is another thing which is for costumize our clan emblem. Clan Perks is for own benefit in Clan.
In this clan Perks Clash of Clans we can see much benefit of it, like cost reduce for donating troop and also loot bonus in Clan War. Actually this Clan Perks really great feature for us like i mentioned above, cost reduce until 50% means a lot to me because when we become leader or co leader in a clan its mean we must donate in Clan War COC
Clan Perks Clash of Clans
Clan Experience and Clan Perks Clash of Clans
Clan Experience and Clan Perks Clash of Clans also giving us more benefit with war loot extra gained util 50% which mean winning get more loots but loosing in Clan War also get more loot. For my prediction Loosing at clan war means we get no less than equal loot as we expense in war, really fantastic update i think. All you have to do based on these two features are:

  • Do the best for Clan War: For me this Clan experience will increase as soon as possible if your clan always do WARCLAN. So tell your clanmates or leader, co leader to ensure always war. 
  • No matter how is result of your clan war Clash of Clans, i bet there is still advantages of clan experience and also clan perk COC. Of course when we won the battle we gain more than we lose it, but my point is we will get extra point in any case of war clans.
Clan Perks Clash of Clans
Clan Experience and Clan Perks Clash of Clans

Clan Experience and Clan Perks Clash of Clans article above just for your information only about Another update Clash of Clans feature in February 2015. Hopefully help you to understand about these update COC, and you might see another article about  Clash of Clans Cannon Level 13

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