Best Title Sniper Magnum Project Blackout

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Sniper Cheytac? Or Sniper Magnum Project Blackout? Who does not know with this weapon. deadly weapon in the game point blank. why I say this is deathly weapon? This weapon is a sniper weapon that has the highest damage in pointblank or Project Blackout. Damage this weapon reached “95” hit life, makes it  a great choices for troopers as flagship weapon. Yes, “one hit one kill” is another name of this weapon. To maximize these weapons, let’s check the advantages and disadvantages

Below are tips that I recommend to maximize this Best Title Sniper Magnum Project Blackout:

Use of title Sniper Magnum Project Blackout

Choosing the proper title is the key to maximizing the potential of this weapon. Here are the  title that can be used as recommended for this weapon:

Non Barret (2 slots):
– Title Accuracy
– Title highest Damage Range

Barret (3 slots):
– Title Accuracy levels 2-3 up
– Title Most High Range Damage
– First Title Shot highest

mouse sensitivity

Mouse sensitivity or sensitivity of the mouse is an important thing to optimize the performance of the weapons that we use. In contrast to the type of assault weapons, for this weapon, set the mouse sensitivity towards the medium (0:10 to 0:20), do not be too low or too high. If it is too low, then you are in the firing reflexes will slow, consequently, was not yet had time to shoot, the enemy already knows our position and shoot first. Too fast too detrimental, because we will be difficult to control the mouse in the direction we want. Yep, the sensitivity of the mouse being is key in using this weapon.

Title Sniper Magnum
Best Title Sniper Magnum Project Blackout

Setting Mouse sensitivity in the game are:

– Go to settings
– Click the ‘control’
– Select the mouse sensitivity

How to Use Sniper Magnum Project Blackout Quick Scope and Quick Change

Without realizing it if you want to be proficient in sniper weapon, it is necessary to learn to practice using the Quick scope and a quick change.

Quick scope (special skill where bullets fired rapidly shortly after using a scope / aiming) can test the speed of our reflexes to see the movement of the enemy. These are important things that need to be noticed by a sniper soldier. Do not aim target too long, attempted was to shoot straight up shortly after we use a scope. The sooner we shoot, the better reflexes us see the movement of the enemy.

Title Sniper Magnum
Best Title Sniper Magnum Project Blackout
– Quick change (Special Skill, typically used by snipers to shoot without any kind of manual cocking), usually used by replacing the weapon quickly shortly after the shoot (usually replaced with a melee weapon), then switch again to the sniper, with the aim to reduce the time pause in shooting per bullet.

Stay focus

Focus is also one important factor in using weapons of this. Try to focus, do not easily provoked by opponents. Look for the right place to hide. Try not to make any noise at all when you’re in hide mode. Finally, patience is the fourth key in play using the sniper

support equipment
  • Buy 2nd weapon or gun lethal as dual eagle, dual handgun, et al
  • Buy a deadly melee weapon (Amok kukri, Keris, or Combat machete). Because the One Most serious weaknesses sniper soldier was attacked at close range, the selection of appropriate melee weapon can cover this weakness.

Finally Best Title Sniper Magnum Project Blackout above is just another great strategy how to maximize  the Magnum Weapon. if there is any question, fell free to comment. You might like article shotgun weapon title Project Blackout.