Best Spell Combination Clash Of Clan

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Spell in the Clash of Clans game will be very important for the success of our offensive attack either during war or when farming COC. Usually we often use various spells in Clash of Clans which are not support between the troops and also spell factory. Surely the results can be guessed with, “FAILURE” and got nothing. Well if you’re thinking about How to Use Spell Factory in Clash of Clans, you should read the following Best Spell Combination Clash of Clan article.
The Best Spell Combination Clash of Clan with Lightning Spell
One of the author favorites is a combination of COC troops between barbarian  and archer. These troops would be very nice tobe used for farming or raiding Clash of Clans. The reason is certainly due to the low price and also very quickly tobe made, it is also suitable for COC players  who are always online.

 Spell Clash of Clan

Great Spell combination for those BARCHER troops is  a lightning spell. Why? Of course, if we see the troops and barbarian archer, its HP  “AKA” life is not so much and i believe can be quickly swept away only with a area attack like mortar, in fact the most frightening defense building  for them is the mortar. With the help of Lightning Spell that destroy the mortar it will help to reduce their risk to death. Please use the 2-4 lightning spells depend on the level of the existing defense buildings.

Best Spell Combination Clash of Clan with Healing Spell

Spell Clash of Clan
Spell Clash of Clan
Healing Spell Of course this spell is very important for the process of raiding or farming in COC because the spell will help to restore the life of our troops. Nevertheless not all troopers are compatible with this healing spell, especially in combination with a small life troopers like Barbarian, Goblin, Minion or Archer. The best troopers combination clash of clans that matches with healing spell are Giants, balloon, Lava hound, or Hogrider.
The Best Spell Combination Clash of Clan with Rage Spell
Rage Spell Clash of Clans will be accelerate and strengthen the troopers attack. Usually drop this spell in a place that your troopers will be attack to gain faster and stronger twice or even multiple damage than before. Actually, this Rage spell can be used and combined with all the troops that exist in COC like:  Barcher, giants, goblins, hogrider, dragon, balloon. Please use with great purposes like raiding great town hall base from TH 9 to 10, but usually I always use this spell almost every attack either in the War or in farming.
The Best Spell Combination Clash of Clans with Jump Spell

Spell Clash of Clan
 Spell Clash of Clan

Jump Spell is a spell that will help ground forces to jump over the disturbing wall. Surely you do not need to use much bomber if it carries this jump spell right? Jump Spell COC will be very useful for all ground forces Clash of Clans. Use only as needed,  i usually made this for backup when farming COC.

The Best Spell Combination Clash of Clan with Freeze Spell
Freeze spell will be useful for our raiding because its temporarily paralyze the opponent COC defense building. We get this spell in Town Hall 10, but actuallyn that is not necessarily easy to use because we need to maximize first or at least make this spell can be used for 6 seconds. This spell is very important if we want to beat the Town Hall 9, 10 Clash of Clans, the writer used this spell during war to paralyze Inferno Tower, Xbow and other buildings. This spell is very useful for all combat troops in Clash of Clans both ground forces and air forces. Please combine Freeze This spell forces only in Clan War because of its huge prices.
Various Ways to Use Spell Factory in Clash of Clans above is one of strategy and tips on playing the COC game. Hopefully useful and you may be interested to read Farming Strategy Clash of Clans in Master League.