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Offensive can wins game titles, but defensive can win championships – or in this case Base War TH 5 COC. The vast majority of you may target getting many stars as it possible, but did you recognize that you also can won your last war when your opponent got stars less than we had?

Protecting our base’s from giving enemy stars in Clan War  is as important as successfully taking out numerous stars from your opponent. Please also remember Clan Wars is a team war and by improving our own layout seriously is a fundamental thing to do – Of course we are here to help you find the Base War TH 5 COC.

Most of us probably had some sort of Farming Base that somehow changed into a War Clan base for Clan Wars. At this point we should have a reliable War Base that is absolutely different from our regular Farming Base. There are key between setting up a successful Farming Base as well as a successful War Base TH 5 – this post will give you all some good War Base TH 5 Best Defense.

Maybe you’re not seeking an all new War Base Design? Just check available This Base war TH 5 COC, might give you ways to create a solid War Base TH 5 Best Defense.

It’s critical that you have distinctive layers and that you do not put entire of our structures inside one wall circle in War Base TH 5 Best Defense. Choose to spread the Builder Huts in the corner on base design because of that occasionally make time running out before the enemies took every one of them – keeping the war clan enemy from getting our last star. 

Base War TH 5 COC

The picture of  Base War TH 5 COC becomes My personal favorite TH5 War Base along with excellent trap funnels.

War Base TH 5
Base War TH 5 COC

That War Base TH 5 Best Defense Design relies on a single Trap Funnel along with the outside Buildings prevent that the Clan Castle Troops get pulled out very easy.

War Base TH 5
Base War TH 5 COC

Picture of War Base TH 5 Best Defense above has a Spring Trap Channel and a solid long range Centered Safeguard setup.

War base TH 5
Base War TH 5 COC

Picture of  Base War TH 5 COC above with Southern Teaser Trap Setup and a secured Clan Castle Pulling it out

Base War TH 5 COC

The picture of  TH5 War Base above with Secured Clan Castle and inside Traps for an surprises.

TH5 War Base

The picture of Base War TH 5 COC actual individual layer towards core creates this particular base appear weaker than the truly ability

Base War TH 5 COC

I hope you could use these Base War TH 5 COC designs. As mentioned above it’s very essential you place all Storages in the corner to help make your attackers Troops can’t easy taken down this base – it will save our Clan some Stars, I bet! You might take a look this TH 9 COC Base Design

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