How To Defeat Town Hall 10 Cross Base Design

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If you notice lately this base is now really popular in clash of clans map design. No matter how far the town hall is the clasher loves to use this base. So in this article of clash of clans strategy attack today I would give you how to penetrate and defeat kind of this base, which is cross base design.  Because in my opinion there is no such a great base ever, it always has greatness and also weaknesses. So here is the thing to do to defeat this town hall 10 base with cross design.

For clasher who doesn’t get into this town hall 9 to 10, it might be little bit difficult to do, but still you can get 2 until 3 stars by using this strategy attack clash of clans. But as usual we should know the rules first, see it to find the weakness, make the composition of troopers also spell which needed, and the last is execution detail.

For town hall 9 to 10 with this design I prefer to use hogrider as the main trooper, no matter what level your hogrider is, at least you can use from hogrider level 3 to 5. But of course bigger and higher level always gains great impact in this clash of clans strategy.  Make the composition like below 

(4 barbarians to lure the Clan Castle War) (15-17 archers to wipe the rest of remaining buildings) (6 wizard to supply penetrates the base) (30-34 hogriders to be main trooper attack in this strategy) (Heroes would be great to be used too).

How to defeat town hall 10 in clash of clans especially this cross base

we really need your timing and correct spell that will be used in this strategy. Please use all spell with healing spell, no one else because it will support the hogrider attack. Sometimes we use the rage spell to gain power and strength but the result not as good as this healing spell.

hogrider attack

Send your first heroes “Barbarian King” to lure the Clan castle, and then lure it to the edge of base and  kill it with archer and wizards. After that you can send the main attacking unit which is hogrider all of it in one direction. When the hogs are doing their jobs, you should cover it with healing spell in there.  Just watch and relaxes And see how it is work.

So that is how to defeat town hall 10 cross base design in clash of clans by using hogrider as the main troops. Hopefully this attacking strategy will make you understand steps by steps to get three stars in attacking this base.  Oh yeah finally I give you a video from my tutorial above to make you understand more

Thanks for watching and reading this How to defeat town hall 10 Cross base design clash of clans, if there Is any question, feel free to comment. 

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