How To Buy Gems In Clash Of Clans

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Clash of clans is one of popular game that you can play it in smartphone device, like android, iOS, or even in PC

But of course there is no one is perfect, I mean there are lots of problems too in this game. Today we would discuss about How To Buy Gems in Clash of clans

So here is the guide How To Buy Gems in Clash of clans to you when you are stuck can’t buy or receive gems. First thing to do.  You should restart your devices like android, iOS or even PC first. After you restarted it and still doesn’t work, see the steps by steps below:

How To Buy Gems in Clash of clans In iOS devices

For you who play this clash of clans game using iOS all you have to do is make sure that you are allowed to buy gems by take this steps: Go to setting – General – Restriction – turn on the in app Purchase. After that you can restart your device, then try to buy gems again. Basically in iOS you have to do this step in oder to get permission to buy gems. 
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How To Buy Gems in Clash of clans

When you still can’t purchase the gems in clash of clans after doing the step above, you should contact the Itunes support. That’s the final decision to do

How To Buy Gems in Clash of clans in Android device

Before you buy this gems please check about:
  • Google account, is it valid? What about your payment in google wallet? Is it loaded?
  • Update the latest google play, check it first.
When you are using credit card, it is not to difficult t manage it, but when you do with paypal then you have to set paypal first. When all those methods don’t work at all, last thing to do is contacting your credit card, to see that your card still in restriction or not.
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How To Buy Gems in Clash of clans

Don’t receive gems after buy it

Normally it take 2-4 minutes to get in into your account, but sometimes that gems take little longer than usual. So all you have to do is waiting for one day. When you still get nothing in your gems you can send report by this step : open game and setting – send report. When you are using iOS you should contact your service support.

Refund in clash of clans gems?

in How To Buy Gems in Clash of clans you can’t get refund about your money in this game, so you have to understand the policy first. That’s all for information about how to buy clash of clans gems, if there is any question feel free to ask. You might take a look another Best Tips To Save Gold Elixir article.