Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN Game Review

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Guilty Gear Xrd Sign is a fifth of Guilty Gear series which developed by using Unreal engine 3 Machine, The developer is Arc system Works and Team Red use cell shading technique in making all game appearances, so that while still using the machine 3D but this game is still in classical style which is 2D 

This 2D style is only can be seen by the player when in fighting progress, but the rest of it will use 3D graphics. It can be proved on special motion or in a particular movement; the angle of camera can rotate freely so that it looks more dynamic. When viewed in the quality of graphic, Guilty Gear Xrd displays high detail of 2D, with great contras color and smooth motion.

The one thing that liked by gamers about this Guilty Gear series is its gameplay filled with techniques and attack combinations. It can be said that the battle in this game is quite complicated, not easy to use great combos, and that’s why this Guilty Gear really favored by gamer in the world. 

But it will not take so long time to be a great player in this game event though you are new especially to learn new combos.

If talking about the great combos, Guilty Gear XRD – SIGN, this present gameplay is not really difference from the old series so that the veteran player will not difficult to adapt into this new game which is can be played both in PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 begin from December 2014 in japan and United States. 

Gilty Gear xrd SIGN

The characters of this game will bring back  to take a part of this latest Guilty Gear such as Zato-1, Millia Rage, Venom, Slayer, Potemkin, Ky kiske, Chipp Zanuff, Axl-Low, May, I-No, Bedman, and Sol Badguy. For the arcade version, this game provides 13 playable characters such as Bedman which is a new character in this game. Except for console version, the total characters are 17, which 2 adding character is Ramlethal Valentine (boss which is made into playable character) and Sin Kiske, and 2 DLC character that are Elphelt Valentine and Leo Whitefang. 
Gilty Gear xrd SIGN

Overall, Guilty Gear XRD- SIGN– is a new title for Guilty Gear Series with battle atmosphere and new design, but this game still carry predecessor systems. I believe gamer who love to play fighting game genre with a battle system that requires ingenuity control and attack strategy, then this Guilt Gear Xrd SIGN is highly recommended for you. You can see how great this game in this video

Oh yeah one more thing, this background music in this game is pretty cool 

+ (Strengths)
  • Better picture of the character
  • Easy to master, but it’s hard to be proficient
  • Cool 2D graphics
  • Great background music