Dragon Clash Of Clans

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Among all the Level 3 troops, the Dragon Clash of Clans is by far the most versatile. You could even say that it’s a combination of two things/hybrid troop, as in it can dish out a big amount of damage and take a lot of damage at the same time. This is the only troop type that is as durable and efficient except for the P.E.K.K.A. The obvious bad thing/disadvantage is that it can take a lot of money and time to get them ready for fight.

While Dragon Clash of Clans at Level 4 is a beast, dealing out 200 damage per second and be able to live a reasonable amount of time with 2500 hit-points, a Level 1 dragon is no push-over. 

Because of the fact that dragons can fly, they can avoid mortar fire, cannon fire, ground xbows, and attack enemy flying units to boot, giving you total control of the air and be able destroy most ground structures they randomly come across (more on how to avoid/go around this random attack pattern later in the guide). Add to that, its attacks do splash damage and are, of course, ranged.

You can make them at town hall seven when you upgrade your buildings (where soldiers sleep) to level 9. And as you know, at that level, you can only build 2 air defenses which most people completely ignore. 

You can use this (bold or daring act) to steam-roll through low to medium level villages for extra loot. I personally find the 20 housing spaces they require to be a bit too much, but even 4 dragons are enough to weaken a village’s defenses before the main infantry roll in for the kill.
clash of clans troops
Dragon Clash of Clans

Offensive Dragon Clash of Clans success plans of reaching goals

Before sending out and using your (very valuable/very dearly loved) dragons, take care of the air defense structures with other units (infantry, Giants, etc.) as dragons are weak to rockets and lighting spells. You can also use them as expensive sacrificial units: send out and use a bunch of Balloons which are programmed to target (related to actions that protect against attack) buildings while the dragons take fire from the air defense buildings. Remember, even a level 1 dragon, which has 1900 hit-points, can sustain fire for a good amount of time.

As talked about/said before, dragons attack whatever is closest to them. So, during sudden attacks, it’s a good idea to weaken outer structures with giants, heroes and infantry before letting the dragons go. This makes sure they they get into the center of the village and get to the town hall faster.

Having said all that, dragons are mostly used to collect trophies and high-level sudden attacks because of how expensive they are.

 Attacking With Dragon Clash of Clans

Dragons being the very powerful units that they are, can be hard to defend against. The best thing to do is to have lots of air defense structures in place and, if possible, multiple lightning spells at the ready. Make sure they’re placed near the center of the village as dragons can do big damage to town halls.

Dragon COC
Dragon Clash of Clans

 Also, a large group of (bow-and-arrow hunters)or Wizards can take out a dragon with relative ease. Keep them at the ready when you’ve reached a certain level and expect other clans to attack you with dragons (this has become a recent trend).

Visual Differences When Upgraded

Like all other troops, dragons go through major changes when upgraded. At level 2, their Dragon Clash of Clans skin go from green to purple. Their eyes also turn the color of Medicine. At level 3, the purple skin turns to dark-grayish-brown. At level 4, it starts looking like an actual fiery dragon. Called the “Very old red dragon” by Supercell, their eyes also start spewing fire. Even one of these level 4 dragons have the ability to cause terrible damage.

Dragon COC
Dragon Clash of Clans

Farming With Dragon Clash of Clans

Though not usual candidates for farming strategies, they come in handy when farming for Dark Medicine. Town Hall 8 and 9 players who have an excess of Medicine can use upgraded dragons to fail/break into high level bases. While the dragons and infantrymen take care of the outer defenses, use a few lightning spells to take care of the opponent’s air defenses. When that’s done, use a well-timed Extreme anger spell to buff the dragons and help them reach the Dark Elixir stores.

Dragon Clash of Clans in (working together) With Lightning and Rage Spells

If your opponent has upgraded air defenses, say level 5 or above, your dragons will have a hard time staying alive with all the rockets destroying their hit points. Lightning spells can really help relating to that. As your dragon is sent out and used, destroy the air defense tower furthest away from it as it will constantly be chipping away at the dragon’s life. 3 well placed Lightning spells on the tower should do the trick.

When near buildings with high health such as Town Halls or useful thing/valuable supply storage buildings, use Extreme anger spells. The extra movement and damage can prove to be more effective than using multiple Lightning spells.

Dragon Clash of Clans in Town Hall 7 Army Compositions

For Town Hall 7 War Fights, it’s best to use 10 dragons. As Dragons require level 9 Buildings (where soldiers sleep), it would be best to level up all of them the second you reach Town Hall Level 7. This makes sure you’re never behind on production at any point. If you’re thinking of taking on Town Hall 8 players with that army, know that you’ll lose more than you’ll earn as they get a third air defense tower at that level. So, it’s not really that good an idea. Not that it’s impossible but it needs/demands extremely excellent way of reaching goals. good unit placement, upgraded dragons and a huge amount of Lightning and Rage Spells.

Lightning Spell COC
Lightning Spell Clash of Clans

If, however, you’re thinking of taking on TH7 players, things should go smoothly. If the enemy has fully upgraded defense towers, have 3 Lightning spells at the ready for 2 of those defense towers (if you have less than 10 dragons). Destroy a couple of the towers and free/release the dragons anywhere on the enemy’s map (just not clumped together). You should easily be able to get a 100% clearance.

Town Hall 8 enemies can be defeated 100% but only if certain conditions are met. Right off the bat, Level 2 Dragon Clash of Clans are a must. It helps if you have a dragon in the Group of people (huge, fancy, stone house) but it’s not required. Place the dragons where the enemy is weakest. Combine that with a bunch of Extreme anger spells and one Healing spell and you should be able to properly attack/break into a TH8 enemy. Word to the wise though, if your enemy has Level 4 and above air defense towers (as pointed to/showed by their black coloration), avoid attacking them. You might love to read another Suggestion Due To Town hall Rush COC.