COC Composition Army TH 1 To 5

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COC Composition Army TH 1 to 5 will give you great strategy of army composition for you. yes this is another great game from Supercell that we should playing it. There are so many tips for playing COC out there, but in here in campuradukloh, we give you other great tips.

COC world is different game like how we battle each other and how we win it, so basically all you have to do is choose the correct troops in the battle. When we want to make a good or even great troops first thing to do is know your enemy. Based on two things above in here we will discuss about what correct troops in each town hall level.

So how we can see we are using correct troops in each level of town hall? Basically the only problem that makes ideal troops combination is between expenditure cost and gaining lots from the battle, we gain profit no matter how many lots big or small. 

So here we go with my best COC composition Army troops each level town hall.

COC TH 1 and TH 2

This COC troops for trophies hunter : All barbarians
The COC troops for Resources         : goblin and barbarians

COC TH 3 troops

For trophies hunter   : barbarians 
For Resources          :  barbarians and archer
For Strong army       : Giants, barbarian and acher

clash of clans
COC Composition Army TH 1 to 5

There is no much differences form town hall 3. The difference just from the powerful and strong army, which we can also use wallbreaker. However in this level both wallbreaker and giants still expensive, so we suggest you use it wisely.

COC TH 4 Troops

For trophies hunter   : Archer and barbarian
For Resources          : Barbarian and archer
For strong army       : Balloon, giants, wall breaker, barbarian

COC at this level 4 town hall we can also find 1250 trophies achievement that will give us free gems. But there is still need time to get that and also not getting easy to get. So all you have to do is find the town hall outside of wall which mean town hall sniping. Destroy the town hall and go away, simple and easy.

COC TH 5 Troops

For trophies hunter : Acher , barbarian, giants, wallbreaker
For Resources    : Barbarian, and archer
For strong army  : Giant, barbarian, wizard

At this Town hall 5 we need more wallbreaker to open the enemy base that also getting stronger. For me this TH 5 level army is still barbarian and archer only, no matter how strong their defence because I prefer to use it.

Conclusion of this COC Composition Army TH 1 to 5 article above, what is correct composition that you made is calculate base on the result of your raiding, if you get lots profit that mean you are in a great composition, otherwise you should change it again. You might be need another tips Clash of Clans about Wallbreaker Tips Guide Clash of Clans.