COC Always Online Even We Don’t Play It

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COC Always Online even we don’t play it? are you sure about this title? Well this is a new way to hack Clash of Clans. Would you like to try this cheat COC? 

Indeed when we use this COC Cheat application, the result make your Clash of clans  always online,  your village would be safe for the enemy attacker. And of course your gold, elixir and Dark Elixir still plenty even though  we leave it for working or playing it. 

This ways is really simple and absolutely legal so you don’t have to be worried being banned from this game. Because the ways we use in here just record our touch that we have done when playing this game. Of course the main thing you should do is ROOT your android. If it not there is no way you can use this method.

Okay I presume your phone has been rooted, let’s talk how to make this clash of clans always online even though  we don’t playing it. You can root all kind of android with TowelRoot

Hiro Macro Application Hack COC
COC Always online even we don’t play it
1. Download HiroMacro and install it as usual in your android phone

2. Open your HiroMacro then klik the start button to run it.

HiroMacro COC hack application
COC Always online even we don’t play it
3. After open it your HiroMacro, then open your clash of clans. Press the volume down to open back the HiroMacro, click Record to start your touch in the game

4. If you think you are enough to save your touched, you can end the application by pressing volume down. 

Cheat Clash of Clans
COC Always online even we don’t play it

5. To run the record you can choose what record you save and set infinity in order to make this record run over and over.

So when you are doing this ways you will get your village always safe and not being attacked by enemy. If you like you can try it. Have fun and thanks for reading this how to make this clash of clans always online