Clash Of Clans Update 2015

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Clash of Clans Update 2015 that made by supercell in the latest update will give the Clasher more enthusiasm to play this strategy game for iOS, android, or even in PC. So here we talking about the latest update from Supercell about this Clash of clans game.

Clash of Clans game Android, iOS, Mac or PC here with the latest update that can be categorize into some parts of update. Let’s start with the best one which is time to make troops improvement. 
As you can see the barbarian need at least 15 second to be made before this update, but after update it will only need 4 seconds so we called quick barbarian. 

What else? yes here we go with the Dragon time, it also quicker than before. As we play before update this mighty dragon need at least 30 minutes to be made, but with this update Clash of Clans we can made this strong air troops unit only in 5 minutes, wow really awesome. 

Clash of clans update 2015 this January also give another benefit to all clash of clans player which is from the layout editor for both Warclan map design and regular map design.  At this update we can make multiple layout or design to make it easy to change, faster and efficient for player. We can also save for later about finishing new base design later, if we in hurry time.

COC News Update
Clash of Clans Update 2015
The update Clash of Clans also give great news for Town Hall 8 Clash of Clans player which is Gold mines and also Elixir Collector can be acquired in this TH8 COC. But The Giant level 7 still need to improve TH 8 to TH10 first, for me not a big deal.

Another Clash of Clans update from Supercell is When we are under attack we can watch replay while waiting about troops done. In this update also give request pending for 10 player only to prevent the jumper or even spamming.
Last thing we can say that this  Dark Elixir can be maxed in any Town Hall level, wew i love this. It also give TH 7 to get one Dark elixir drill, and the second one can be gain at level Town Hall 8. It okay right?
Finally this Clash of Clans Game Update in the 2015 is really make the player happy and enjoy this game more. So if you are playing this game, don’t forget to subscribe me at youtube channel in MrbandengPresto Channel here. thanks a lot and have fun.