Clash Of Clans Town Hall 4 Base Layout

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Clash of clans game base design town hall 4 will be very interesting to make if you are willing to be a good player in this clash of clans game.  Of course there are so many guide and strategy to give you in the internet, but in here, we compile anything base design COC into the best one. I don’t say that this base without weakness, but at least this is the best base design for Town Hall 4 COC.

So here we go at town hall 4 in Clash of clans, you can upgrade your wall into level 4 which is still in black stone. but don’t worry after this level you can max it into gold wall.In this TH 4 base design you can’t survive if the attacker are greater than us, i mean their troops composition greater than our troops. so all you have to do is try and try another base design

Clash of clans TH 4 base layout can be difficult to make because in every ways we still doesn’t have good and enough walsl defense. at least this we can do in order to avoid more damage

TH4 COC recommended for you

town hall 4 layout
Clash of clans Town Hall 4 Base Layout

This base will be good to be your either farming or trophy pushing. As far you can see this primary town hall 4 design made to protect the mortar and storages like gold and elixir. This base surrounded by all of your defensive building like cannons and archer towers. Really awesome town hall 4 clash of clan design if I can say. although you can also find huge collection of these bases in Google Images, but there are no explanation.

So according to this base design of town hall 4 clash of clans, I hope you can see the basic layout for this TH4. Hopefully help you to achieve 1250 trophies to get gems.