Clan War Clash Of Clans, Basic Strategy To Know

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Clan War Clash of Clans, basic strategy to know for new and beginner clash of clans player especially about Clan wars. Yes I am here to give you a brief explanation about clash of clans clan war which divided into: how to find the clans,  how to start war and of course a fundamental thing to do about this clan war So, because this thing will be a really long article, let’s get started. Here is Campuradukloh’s strategy clan war clash of clans!

First things to do: in the event that you haven’t done now, you must keeping in mind the end goal to find the opportunity to participate in a Clan War: reconstruct your Clan Castle and join or make a Clan. Presently the fun part starts! 

Clan war Clash of Clans, Basic Strategy To Know when there are 10 qualified players in the Clans, the leader and co-leader have the decision to begin a clan war. Your clan will be matched with another clans by random (for this moment, until further notice, no alternatives to begin an immediate war with a particular clan!) and the two day procedure of the Clan War starts.
clan war clash of clans
Clan war Clash of Clans, basic strategy to know

Strategy Clan War Clash of Clans

This Clan war Clash of Clans, Basic Strategy To Know as spectator mode mean that you are not eligible to war at this moment because of many reasons like you are leaving your clan while at war, or you joined new clan after the start war pressed by leader or co leader. 

Okay now let’s talk about Clan Wars things in Clash of Clans

Usually this clan wars need two consecutive days, first for preparation which in this time you and your clan can send the Clan castle troops and also redesign your base war. Your job is asking the best and greatest troops to be send for your clan castle.
war clan clash of clans
Strategy Clan War Clash of Clans

Strategy Clan War Clash of Clans,  WAR time

This war time is coming after preparation day, so you and your clans can attack your enemy twice during this battle time, but of course different target each attack. You can ask what number to attack? Or you can feel what target that you can beat.

Tips for you: If necessary find the replay if available because it will give you clues to attack this enemy. This replay mode can be seen if your clan mate has been attacked this enemy base.  Of course you will get a lot of info such as where are the traps, bombs and etc.
clan war clash of clans
Clan war Clash of Clans, Basic Strategy To Know
If your clan wins that clan war, it will automatically gain lots of loot like elixir, gold, even dark elixir. So you must win this war although when you lost still get bonus too, but not too much.

The War Base Clash of clans

example of base for clan war
Clan war Clash of Clans, Basic Strategy To Know

This is another important thing to do, change your base clan war. Actually this base only needs to cover your town hall, no matter how many loot in your storages. Town hall is the first thing to defend, and the best way to do it is put your TH in the middle of your base, that it.  You can put all of your defensive building to cover it, LOL.

Clan war Clash of Clans, Basic Strategy To Know article above is just to give brief information and Strategy Clan War Clash of Clans. There are lots of tips and strategies out there, if you have questions about this clan war feature, feel free to comment!

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