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Clash of clans is a strategy game that need attention if you want to be a good clasher. So at this website i took an initiative to share another great strategy in clash of clans game. 

In this Valkwiwi attack strategy clash of clans article we would discuss about entire strategy for army composition until attacking guide in this valkwiwi strategy. Check this explanation below

This guide is about an attack called the ValkWiWi: Composed of Valkyries, Wizards, Wall breakers and Witches. It can be used by any Town Hall 9 that has witches. Max Valks are preferred but not needed. Use this attack if you are struggling using any of the Golem + +  attacks or if you are getting tired of using the same old attack over and over again. 

Valkwiwi Attack Strategy Clash of Clans is DE heavy and should only be used for War. If you are trying to save a lot of DE because you don’t like winning wars then this attack isn’t for you. In this guide I am going to go over my Army composition, Basic Strategy, and a couple 3 star replays on other Town Hall 9s.

    Army composition:

    15 Valks
    9 Wizards
    4 Witches
    8 Wall Breakers
    Spells : 2 heal, 2 rage
    CC troops: 1 max pekka, 1 max wizard, 1 barbarian

Valkwiwi Attack Strategy Clash of Clans Troop explanation:
Valkyrie: lvl 3 valk has 1100 health and 111 dmg. Her attack animation is weird but when she is raged with heal she tears everything apart. Great in groups and great at destroying the bases core, after all the spells are used and core is destroyed she falls off.
Wizard: Very high DPS for the amount of space used. He can take a motar shell. Have to watch out for Big bombs though.
Witch: Best support troop in the game. Skeletons are like little off tanks and can disarm traps. Great vs cannons and archer towers. She is needed to keep the momentum going for the 3 star.
Spells: Right now I go with 2 heal and 2 rage. I’ll burn the heal rage with the cc troops and then another heal rage when the red heads are in the core.

Valkwiwi Attack Strategy

Clan Castle: Big tossup between 1 max pekka, 1 max wizard, and 1 barb or 1 max golem. This army comp lacks health so depending on the base what you use is preference, but I would generally stick with one of those picks.
Valkwiwi Attack Strategy Clash of Clans Strategy:

This is a very broad attack that is going to sweep from one side of the base to the other, so pick one side of the base to attack on. Drop one witch in each corner of the side that is going to be attacked making sure that there is no way for anything to target the witches. Place the next two witches an even distance away from each other more towards the center of the attacking side. 

This is pretty tricky, if the drop zone for those witches are too close to towers then go ahead drop the CC instead to get tower agro, drop the two mid witches when it is safe. When all witches are down they should be spawning skeleton tanks this is when the wizards are dropped evenly throughout the attacking side. 
Once there is a straight shot to the core of the base 2 wall breakers can be dropped followed by all the Valkyries. It is important that the Valks stay as close as possible together. They are fast enough to run over spring traps but one will get flung occasionally. Since a lot of clans are using a few wizards and a lot of archers in the defending CC we won’t need to lure out the clan castle at all because the valk+heal has enough dmg and health to sustain the cc troops. 

I drop rage and heal when they come into contact with enemy CC so that the Valks sustain the dmg and also move faster through the CC troops to the Core of the base. Drop heroes behind the valks to help clean up core. The witches and wizards should be sweeping the sides. After practicing the attack a couple times you can have different hero placements, but for right now just drop them with the valks.

High DPS
No CC lure
Versatile Attack
Easy to use

Witch Dependent
Wont work vs a lot of high lvl walls(8-9)
High compartment bases
Troll bases with traps and teslas on outside


Valkwiwi Attack Strategy Clash of Clans Conclusion:
This attack isn’t meant to 3 star every Town Hall 9 base. It is an attack to be experimented with if you are interested in getting better at war, if you can’t do a proper Go—— attack, if you are tired of doing Go—- attacks in every war, hogs, drags, etc.

There are a bunch of variations of this attack by using 3-5 witches, X Valkyries, and X Wizards. Try this attack out let me know what you guys think. I’d love to see this attack used more and will be happy to answer any questions.

Also if you are a TH10 and want to use freeze spells… let me know how that works out. Thanks for reading guys, clash on.

This Valkwiwi Attack Strategy Clash of Clans is compiled from forum clash of clans with author kr4nd, maybe you want to know him more. Thanks for coming and read this clash of clans strategy.

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