Snipe Town Hall 10 With GOWIPE

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War clans is a different thing in game Clash of clans. At here our pride, our dignity becomes the number one from all of it. So what do you thing? do you still using an old attacking strategy? or what? in this great moment i will give you a snipe town hall 10 with gowipe attack clash of clans.
Hi all and welcome to a guide on my favorite attacking strategy, GoWiPe. This guide will be focusing on GoWiPe’s use in wars rather than it’s use in farming. As a late TH9, i usually have(want) to attack TH 10s in clan wars and to do that i find GoWiPe as the best. Now, we are going to be approaching GoWiPe in many ways so better get ready!

Gowipe Army Composition

I use 6 Archers, 8 Wall-Breakers, 22 Wizards, 2 PEKKAs (+A level 5 PEKKA, a wizard and a barbarian from the CC), 2 Golems, 1 Lighting, 2 Rage, 1 Jump. Note that the amount of Wall-Breakers can go higher if i need to break in more compartments before i jump and some wizards may be replaced with witches if i want to do the lure, which i usually don’t since i like to use CC troops as a magnet. 
Overall, i can say that my Army Composition varies from base to base and yours should too. I use 6 archers to clean-up free buildings. If there isn’t any free buildings, don’t get sad. Some buildings may become exposed during the course of the attack. Also you can bring minions if there are buildings covered only by Ground defenses. Now let’s attack!

Step #1 – Gowipe Planning the attack!

Let’s scout the base. With this base i have decided to attack from the top since i only need to break one compartment to jump to the core and i can also direct my golems into the core for extra tanking while partially avoiding the heroes. You would want to have your golems in the core if there aren’t enough outer buildings to get to %50 easily. Having your golems in the core will enable your troops to survive longer meaning you can gain more percantages. Also notice there are 3 buildings at the bottom that are not covered by any defense and can easily give me 3-4 percent more.


Step #2 – Gowipe Starting the attack!

Drop your golems first with a little distance between. You do not want your golems to bunch up, at least not now. The distance shouldn’t be to close but you wan’t your golems to also be in range of the middle defense, in this case the Archers Tower. After dropping your golems, drop your wizards quickly after. Not so quick if there are any splash defenses nearby which could kill some of your wizards if they don’t have enough distance with the golems. You can do two golems first and the wizards or golem, wizards, golem wizards like me.

Step #3 – Gowipe Breaking into the base!

There aren’t many things you need to know besides how many wall-breakers you need to break each wall, but also note that you shouldn’t drop your wall-breakers after your golems starts hitting the wall because due to the new AI if that wall is damaged your wall-breakers will hit the same walls meaning their death if there are any Wizard-Towers or Mortars in range. 
Of course you can avoid Mortar shots by timing but Wizard Towers will kill your wall-breakers if they bunch up with your golems. What i do to avoid this is usually drop a golem a little to the right or the left of the wall i want to break in and drop my wall-breakers right on the wall, redirecting my golems to where i wan’t them to go. Of course there weren’t any splash defenses nearby on this base, so it wasn’t a problem. Make sure to bring extra WBs in case things go wrong.



Step #4 – gowipe Jumping right in!
Drop the jump spell and then after making sure that there aren’t any outer buildings or opened inner compartments to distract your PEKKAs, drop them with your CC and heroes. I also like to save 3-4 wizards to drop with my PEKKAs. Note that Jump Spell’s radius is 3.5 spaces, so know where to drop it exactly. You might not want to open up any path to any other side compartments as that might attract your PEKKAs. This usually wouldn’t happen if you are using the CC as a magnet or the heroes.

Step #5 – Gowipe Raging Up!

As far as rage spells go, i like to use the first one while entering the core, and the second one right on top of the town hall. You might use one of them to rage wall-breakers but that usually won’t be necessary since you have a jump spell.

Step 6# – Gowipe Getting the %50!

After using my Queen’s ability while she’s hitting a high HP building, i can use my archers to pick up free buildings i have detected earlier. If you couldn’t detect any freebies and if you are sure you won’t get the %50 that easily, you can save up your Queen for the end of the attack, to pick up the %50.

Step #7 – Gowipe Enjoying the Victory!

Congrats! You have 2 starred a max/well-upgraded TH 10 as TH 9. Enjoy your victory and i hope you’ll win the war.

This gowipe attack strategy is made by phreak in clash of clans forum. Feel free to point out anything else i should have covered or anything wrong about this guide. I would also like to hear your opinions on this guide as well.