Master League Town Hall 8 Clash Of Clans

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Master League Town Hall 8 Clash of clans isn’t a just a bluff or imagination. By doing all these strategies below i believe you will get into this master league in more quickly than just using regular strategy. So let’s see the basic tips and guide how to get master league below
Master League Town Hall 8 Clash of clans :: Preparation.

Most clans send out clan mail before a push starts giving a few weeks, maybe even a month or two, for members to prepare for the upcoming push.

What you want to prepare before a push is:

Resources. People say in pushes it is important to keep your storages close to empty so you aren’t much of a target, however, this is not the case at all. Upgrade your storages to max and fill them up before a push. You will need gold to press the next button to find the perfect base to attack, and you will need elixir and dark elixir to train your trophy pushing armies.
Troops and Army Compositions. Gather information and experiment with armies that will get you 2 or 3 stars. You need to get as many trophies as you can by using good armies to eliminate losses and accelerate gain (war helps a lot in this since you are striving for constant 2-3 stars). First you must start upgrading those troops and the spells that work well with them ASAP! Learn how to use the strategy well, losses up high can be frustrating setbacks. Once you have done all that you should be ready to start your push! 🙂

Master League Town Hall 8 Clash of clans :: Base Layout.

Base layouts really don’t matter very much past Crystal 3 if you are a Town Hall 8. If you have a lot of loot or a high amount of trophies to offer, a strong Town Hall 9 or 10 will attack you. This is why me, and many other Town Hall 8 pushers keep their Town Halls outside during pushes. The benefits of this is you will get Town Hall sniped and only lose 4-11 trophies, compared to a maximum of 34 for a 3 star if your Town Hall was inside (On revenge amounts differ). 

Lots of Town Hall 8s and below Town Hall snipe in Crystal to gain trophies fast. If this is the case, you can revenge for twice, maybe more, then what they stole from you. But this doesn’t always work. Some people might want your loot, or your trophies but most likely you will get Town Hall sniped the majority of the time.
Master League Town Hall 8 Clash of clans :: Bases to look for.

In order to gain trophies and go as high as you can go in trophies, you need to know what bases you can defeat, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and what you need to do to maximize your success rate. First, never be afraid to press the next button if you are unsure of a win. If you don’t think you can beat it then don’t try to! Up in Crystal 1 it starts getting to strictly Town Hall 10 territory with occasional Town Hall 9s so choose your bases to attack wisely. 

If you see a Town Hall 8 up there, it is free trophies, but those are very few and far between. Ideally look for bases with empty inferno towers or none at all, inferno towers pose the biggest threat to most troops when you don’t have a freeze spell. If you find a Town Hall 9 most of the time you can attack it (depending on what army) so know what your army can take down and what it can’t.
Master league Clash of clans
Master League Town Hall 8 Clash of clans :: Essentials.

The most key thing for pushing is to have patience! I would sometimes spend 20 minutes looking for a perfect base to attack (this was when I was nearing Master League) because I didn’t want to lose. I was one raid away from hitting Master, I got so excited I went for a base I wouldn’t normally go for and lost. It set me back 2 raids worth of trophies and made my confidence on hitting Master that day, go down. It is vital that you stay calm every raid you go into and choose your bases wisely. Don’t beat yourself up if you lose, we all have seen the defeat screen multiple times in our Clash of Clans careers. Another thing some people do when they trophy push is attack without a full clan castle or without waiting for their Barbarian King to finish healing. This is a very bad idea as those two assets may help you squeeze out a victory that wasn’t achievable with your troops alone.

Master League Town Hall 8 Clash of clans :: Execution.

I got to Master League by using Hog Riders so I will be talking about how to use them. They are currently level 3 and upgrading to level 4 and I don’t suggest using them for pushing until you get them to at least level 3, other strategies you can use are mass Dragons, Barch, even a Town Hall 8 version of GoWiPe although I have little experience with those armies so any advice I gave on that might not be correct. 

Master League Town Hall 8 Clash of clans :: The setup is use in my Hog Rider army is: 24 Hog Riders, 12 Archers, 12 Barbarians, 12 Wizards, 4 Wall breakers and 3 Heal Spells. When attacking a base, always lure the heroes and clan castle troops out first! If you do not lure and kill the heroes and clan castle troops, your raid will not go well. Drop a few Barbarians to draw out the clan castle and heroes to a corner of the base that no defences can shoot you from. Drop your Barbarians first as distractions, then drop your Archers and a few Wizards if you need to. 
Once you have done that, drop your Hog Riders on the side of the base with the most splash damage. If you don’t, you have more splash damage to take your hogs out, and maybe no more heal spells to save them. Heal spells are the game changer in Hog raids! If your heal spell placement is bad your hogs won’t get very far. Drop the heal spells in front of the hogs, and where they are going to go. If you drop it where they are, they will run outside it sooner then they should. If it looks like your Hogs will not finish off the defenses, drop your Barbarian King to distract those defenses and drop the Wall breakers so the Barbarian King can take them out. Then spread your Wizards out around the sides of the base opposite the Hogs or Barbarian King. This is a very good strategy to use when pushing and works very well.

I hope this will help some of you, this is the way I got to Master League as a Town Hall 8. Although this is mostly for Town Hall 8s, Town Hall 7s and maybe even 9s can use what I have written here. I might make more guides in the future, for now I am glad I gave it a go. Huge thank you to my clan family APOTHEOSIS and APOTHEOSIS 2 in particular. Good luck everyone and happy Clashing! 

Master League Town Hall 8 Clash of clans article originally taken from some forum with the author  Redemption. I took and edited with my own words in order to make this article more enjoyable to read, and also more interactions between clash of clans player. Thanks for reading this Master League Town Hall 8 Clash of clans, feel free to comment and valuable opinions.