Lavaloonion Attack Clash Of Clans

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attack type: lavaloonion + minions (lava hound + balloons +minions)
usual troop combination:
36 loonz + 20 minions + 1 lava hound + 2 rage + 2 heal
sometimes used:
30 loonz + 20 minions + 2 lava hound + 2 rage + 2 heal

lavaloonion and minions Unit job:

the lava:

its main job is absorbing damage, especially from air defenses. this troop should be released right in front of or right behind the balloons, allowing the balloons to eliminate the threat (the air defense) with less casualties. Do not expect the lava to survive until all air defenses are eliminated. sometimes two of those air defenses is good enough.

the balloon:

it’s main goal is to eliminate most/all of the defenses in the base. the main idea is using only the needed amount on each defense. a wiz tower wouldn’t care if it takes out a bunch of 5 balloons or just 2. use them wisely. in case the enemy uses ground troops such as archers and wizards in the clan castle, a balloon can be used to take them out after gathered (scroll down to read about it).

the minion:
Lavaloonion Attack Clash of Clans main goal of this troops is to ensure you get at least 2 stars on the base (for example if your balloons failed to destroy all defenses, but cleared a way to the town hall, you can take out the town hall using the minions with heroes).
Lavaloonion Attack Clash of Clans second goal is to ensure 3 stars. once the defenses are removed, you’ll have about 1:00-1:30 minutes to clear the base . only balloons and heroes won’t be enough. this is where minions come in.
Lavaloonion Attack Clash of Clans goal is to help gather the clan castle troops. 3-4 should be enough. you can take archers/barbs instead as well. The fourth goal to save the heroes health, in case they run into skeletons, and need some aid. Fifth goal is to eliminate the queen when needed.

the heroes:
use them to help cleaning, take out the queen when possible or absorb damage from defenses. just make sure your plan their role before the attack.

the rage spell:
used to speed up the balloons towards the defenses (air defenses in the center for example), so they get there faster. i also like to drop a rage spell in bases with packed center (xbows and air defenses). make sure you’re accurate.

the heal spell:

used to heal the balloons. use where needed the most. a thumb rule would be dropping it after a big pack of balloons was hurt bad, or next to wizard towers (try covering 2 wiz tower areas with the heal if possible. heal spells can also be used to slow down the damage from air defenses, but that shouldn’t be your main goal.

the attack – tips and tricks:
Lavaloonion Attack Clash of Clansfirst stage of the attack : taking care of the clan castle

decide if you need to take care of the clan castle in the beginning of the fight, or after some of the balloons already done some job. If the clan castle is easy to take out, use some balloons to take out defenses which are close to it in this priority: air defense, wiz tower, tesla, arch tower, rest.
If the clan castle is out of reach (in the center of the base), start running the balloons and destroying the defenses surrounding the center. once the clan castle troops are out, you can take care of them (gather and drop a balloons on them, or some other method depending on the troops).
If you got information about the troop combination in the enemy clan castle, use it to your advantage!! if he got witches only for example, don’t even bother about them, as they can’t do much damage to air troops and will eventually be killed.

can you reach the clan castle?

the first thing you should ask yourself if wether you can easily reach the clan castle. there are generally two king of bases:
1. clan castle in right in the center, and totally out of reach. for example here:in this kind of base, don’t waste troops especially for the clan castle. start your attack on some part of the base with limited troops and destroy defenses (i do it with loonion), and the troops will come out by themselves. once they are out, you can take care of them. I’ve seen people trying to send hogs in or giants. it’s a total waste most of the time. use your troops wisely.

here, i’m taking care of the outer ring, and once my balloons will destroy the defenses they will go to the center and trigger the clan castle. now you can easily take care of them. as you can see, most of them didn’t even survive that loon attack, so made it even easier:
2. the clan castle is in a good reachable location. for example here:

in this case, again, don’t just send some troops especially for the clan castle. go get some defenses that would trigger the clan castle troops and take care of them after they’re out. in this case for example,i destroyed all 4 corners while the troops were coming out:

the types of troops you’ll have to deal with


lure in the previous method, and gather (with minions, archers or barbs):drop one balloon next to them, in a direct line with the closest defense. make sure you drop the balloon at the right distance. if those are many archers with wizards, drop it really close to the CC troops. if it’s just few troops, drop it a bit more far. 
the balloon have to get killed exactly above the CC troops and kill them:make sure you don’t gather the CC troops between two defenses with the same distance to them. 
you can’t know where the balloons will go, and you might miss out the CC and waste more troops

never gather where the are red X:
no worries, just surround it with some minions, and drop the arch queen behind. if you’re a th8 or lower, take some wizards with you and drop them behind the minions.

don’t bother about witches when making an air attack (they can’t do much damage to air troops and will die from some falling balloon), but if you really gotta take it out, 2 minions are totally enough!!

hogs/giants/barbs/any ground troop
worse mistake ever for your enemy. just drop 1-2 minions and it’s totally enough. notice that they will be triggered only by your ground troops.

no need to bother about her. never seen someone use it in war.

same like with a dragon. you can use archers /wizards as well

more useful tips:

  • two level 4 minions are totally enough to kill a witch (you guys will have to check about other level of minions).
  •  level 5 wizards don’t survive a maxed balloon splash damage. level 6 wizards do. so drop 2-3 minions right after dropping your balloon, or release 2 balloons together (so both will fall on the wizards).
  • if your balloons missed few archers or a wizard no panic. just drop some minions to kill them.
  • if the balloon totally missed. regather in other location, or check that you release in a good distance and try again.
  • if all of that failed (shouldn’t happen), use minions with your heroes.
Lavaloonion Attack Clash of Clans second stage of the attack : get the lava and balloons into the action.
decide from where to attack (or maybe from all of the sides?) – my thumb rule is usually take out any defenses that are easy to get and can shoot down your balloons. in some bases you don’t need to bother about cannons and mortars, unless you need to clear a path somewhere (to the center for example). those will be destroyed anyway.
  • If you plan on releasing your heroes in some location, in this case you do need to bother about cannons and mortars!! clear them before your heroes are dropped over there!!
  • If the air defenses are gathered in the center, send the lava in with about 10-15 balloons. rage them on the way to the center so they get there faster, and drop another rage right in the center and a heal if needed (usually does).
  • If the air defenses are on the edges, take them out on first priority. you can do it as a part of taking the CC troops out.
  • If the air defenses are on the mid ring, i would hesitate attacking that base, especially if those are high level ones.
  • Always take out few defenses together. as many as possible. if you focus at each defense with few loonz, there are many defenses shooting at it together. BAD IDEA…
  • Try taking out the queen with your heroes/minions. if it’s not possible, save the area next to her to the end.
  • don’t send balloons randomly or in a line. each balloons should have a specific and known target!
  •  a thumb rule is : 1-2 loonz for arch tower, 1-2 for wiz tower, 4-8 for air defense, 1-2 for tesla, 1 for a ground defense. of course it all depends on the distance of the defense and its’ level.
  • don’t just sit and wait for the troops to do their job. plan your next step quick and release the needed troops for it. not everything always go as planned. you gotta be prepared for changes in the plan.

Lavaloonion Attack Clash of Clans :: third stage of the attack: cleaning

you took minions just for it. use them where needed. don’t forget using all of your minions. it happened to me and i got 99% use the heroes wisely where needed. 3 star it!!!!

scouting guide

what are we looking for, as a personal attacker? (for lavaloonion and loonion attacks) generally, we’re looking for bases where one or more of the following conditions apply.
  • low level air defenses .
  • xbows pointed on ground.
  • air defenses packed in the center, and the outer defenses (most of them at least) are out of range for them.
  • exposed air defenses in the outter ring.
  • queen is exposed (would help alot, as the queen does major damage).
  • the clan castle in in the center, and can’t be triggered, as it’s out of range for defenses in the outer ring.

notice that your decision isn’t based on one attribute of a base. for example, if the ADs are exposed, and are high level, i would probably attack it. you gotta include all parameters, and decide which base to attack based on that.

what are we looking for as a clan mate?

  • bases with tough high level walls. you have better chances 2-3 starring it than a ground attack that might end up with 1 star
  • bases with xbows pointed on ground – again, it’s easier for you, harder for ground attackers.
  • th8 if stars are needed in the bottom (100% 3 stars), th10 if needed on top (for 1 star)
the enemy queen
  • if the queen is exposed, it’s much easier to kill using the heroes/minions. you have to choose the right moment and method for that (right in the beginning, during your attack, or at the end when most/all of the defenses are down). it all depends on the queen location and level.
  • if the queen is pretty exposed at the side of the base, i would usually start the attack from the opposite direction of the queen and leave her area to the end. the reason for that is that i’ll deal with much less defenses.
  • if the queen is in the center, i would usually try making sure that there are as many balloons in her area at the end of the attack. so it means that you need to take out the rest of the defenses, and make sure the last defenses are close to the queen (in this case the balloons will attack her). if you left one defense on the other side of the base, the balloons will go there, and meanwhile the queen will shoot them down.
  • another option is sending minions at her, when it’s possible.
  • sometimes it’s possible to kill the queen with a balloon or two falling on her. you will have to scout her moving route and release the loonz at the right spot in the right time. click here to see how i done it.
  • sometimes the smart choice would be not to attack a base where you cant take her out in an effective way, so scouting is important as well.
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