How To Defeat Hexagonal Base Town Hall

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I believe in there are no best map or base ever in clash of clans because every single base or map actually have plus and weaknesses. How to Defeat Hexagonal Base Town Hall here will definitely open your mind about the Base COC TH 10

So when you are talking about best base, let me ask one question, how do you know those base are best from other? is it because when you get raided and still no stars gained by your enemies? or your resources like gold and elixir still plenty? 

So the answer is depend on what purpose of your base. If you are a trophy hunter, then your base are good if still survived and no stars gained by your enemies. 

If your base is farming base, then your base are good when your loots still safe in there. But today let me give another my good experiment How to Defeat Hexagonal Base Town Hall 10 .

How to defeat hexagonal base town hall 10 in here, i also believe there are lots of guidance in the internet, but my guide is different than other. In this guide today i would like to give you a tips and strategy how to defeat hexagonal base town hall. 

If you still don’t get with what hexagonal base or map you might take a look at the base below to give visual examples about hexagonal base design.

How to Defeat  Base Town Hall 9
How to Defeat Hexagonal Base Town Hall 10
Choose best place to send your troops
First thing to do to defeat it is do not attack from the side with less wall because there are to many traps like spring traps, bombs, big bombs, air balloon, etc. The owner will make those base with less wall in the right and left side to lure all attackers to send the troops from it point. I believe there are traps in there.

How to Defeat  Town Hall 9 Clash of clans
How to Defeat Hexagonal Base Town Hall 10

Use composition troops 

when you are choosing best troops in raiding or even war, but in war we can find the best composition much better than usual raid. But my point is you can use as much as your barrack able to made different troops each of it. 

troops compositions: 

240: 10 bar, 17 arch, 2 gbl, 5 giants, 10 wb, 9 wiz, 14 hog, 2 glm, 
200: same minus goblin, archer, and barbarian

troops deploy How to Defeat Hexagonal Base Town Hall 10

In defeating this base, same with other we use the land troops like i said before in the troops compositions above. First thing to do is golem as the tank for your troops, after 2 second send your wizards all of it to clear the obstacles on the drop point. After that send your wallbreaker 2 each 3 second times to make another breaking point. Continue it with giants troops to tank again your another troops. Then send your hogriders in two different drop point but don’t far away from the first drop point. 

When the spell needed you can use first is 1 healing spell, continue it with 1 rage spell. Then you should find another troops which is needed your spell, i presume that is hogrider, drop another healing spell. 

How to Defeat Hexagonal Base Town Hall

Backup for your trooper like Clan castle, barbarian king, archer queen deploy it as soon as possible after half of building destroyed. Final troops to deploy, archer and barbarians. gogogogo..

Wait and see how your attacking method gain result. sometimes we need perfect timing to deploy any trooper above but not always.

How to defeat hexagonal base town hall 9,10 clash of clans video can be seen at this link below. 

Thanks for reading and watching this How to Defeat Hexagonal Base Town Hall 10. Feel Free to comment and you might love to read How To Defeat Town Hall 7 Clash of Clans.