Guide To Find Good Clan Members

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Every day every time i saw the forum which is talking about Guide To find good Clan members in clash of clans. Actually there is no best strategy over there because in there alway plus and minus too. so just take what you need wisely.

Face it, at this point in the game it is quite hard to find players that will help the clan reach its goals. Need help? Well, first off don’t be too ambitious, but don’t be too desperate either. Let’s start off with the mistakes…
Mistakes when recruit clan members.
The most common mistake most leaders make is having the QUANTITY matter more than the QUALITY. As in, the leader could be in a gold league I, and they would do EVERYTHING to get ANY members in a clan, such as: people who started 5 minutes ago. Not that there are anything wrong with new players, but make sure to get players who WILL HELP THE CLAN PROGRESS. With that said..
Set some requirements to recruit new members.
Put the requirements in the description (ex: archers lv4+). This indicates that players must be town hall 7 to join the clan. By doing this, it will eliminate the hesitation to accept or invite players just because the clan needs to be filled.
Clan members
Guide To find good Clan members
Active, mature, loyal, and avid donors. Don’t take any less! A good member needs to know what he/she can and cannot contribute.

These requirements are good to start a clan, modify them within your level of game play. REMEMBER, QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. Meaning, don’t invite players who will drag the clan down.

Where to get the members?
Every player who has been in a clan knows global chat is the way to go! Why? Cause there are many clan-less players out there who are looking for a worthy clan. So, hit up the global chat once in a while and look for some good members.
League. Look at the league, scroll for clan-less players, and look at their base. Satisfied? Invite them!
Internet! Clash of Clans Facebook page perhaps? Maybe even this site, a YouTube video? DOOOO EHHHHT!!! Although, make sure to NOT post it on a place where it’s not meant to advertise a clan. Be wise, doing this could make people STAY AWAY from the clan that is advertised.

Clash of Clan Clan members
Guide To find good Clan members

How to know the player is worthy?
Look at their base, if they’re rushing town hall, try to stay away from them. If they’re taking their time, trust this guide, they are pretty worthy.
Level. Although, level does not mean anything, it definitely indicates how long a player has been playing, which means they are most likely to contribute to the clan.
How they chat and interact with other members, it definitely shows how professional they can be, so be observant! That’s pretty much it, set a good image for the clan and maintain it, and it will slowly but surely grow!

Guide To find good Clan members last tips for you!!!! Remember, people come and go… don’t give up too easily. Good luck and clash on!! You might take a look another great How To Save Resources in COC