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GOVAPE Attack Strategy Clash of Clans basically can be categorized as one of the best attacking composition troops in this clash of clans game. So i believe there are so many attacking tips and strategy guide which also using this composition. At here i will give you another compilation how to attack using GOVAPE troops, check this article out.
GOVAPE Attack Strategy Clash of Clans is a fairly versitile and strong strategy but is best against bases with two basic characteristics. One is a solid “runway” or direct path to the core. The second is a larger core with tighly compact buildings inside the base. Centralized heros and CC isn’t a big issue. They can actually be a positive thing, as they will draw your forces into core. Since this strategy relies on the Freeze spell, those centralized troops can easily be dealt with by getting an inferno and those troops in the radius of the spell. In fact, its problematic if the CC gets triggered too early in the attack. You want that CC rushing to meet you when your Valkyrie are ready to take to the field – not before.

Bases with rings or that don’t provide a direct path forward can be problematic . This is mostly because the units are hard to direct and prone to wandering off. However, this isn’t to be confused with bases with large compact cores. These are like candy, rip for the picking. You also want to be able to attack without triggering an inferno or CC right off the bat. This strategy loves time to set up for its main runway. If a base provides breathing room on the outside rim to set up an attack, its often a good target.

Bases that have a direct path to a large core with fairly open and compact compartments (meaning units don’t have to break down many walls) will suffer greatly at the hands of this composition. Valkyrie are extreemly powerful Vs compact designs where they have to spend very little time hammering on a wall.

One of my favorite base types is the southern teaser. This composition can easily approach form the opposite side of the open, trapped filled, side and then decimate everything in that centralized compacted area. Even at a high level these bases often give up in the neighborhood of 70 percent to this composition.
 GOVAPE Attack Strategy Clash of Clans  Composition

2 Golem – Tank
8 Valkyrie – Clearing the Core, CC troops, and heros
2 PEKKA – DPS and Breaking Down Walls
10-13 WIzards – DPS and Range, Clearing a Path
7+ Wallbreakers – Get units into the otter layer

Spells – 1 Jump, 2 Rage, 2 Freeze / Th9 1 Jump, 1 Rage, 2 Heal

GOVAPE Attack Strategy Clash of Clans Pros

Strong and Versitile, no single defense is a big issue – great pushing comp
Great at Destroying the TH
Easily deals with Heros and CC
Uses all barracks fairly evenly
Spreads out the elixir costs between dark and purple
Deals with infernos in either mode well
Anti GoWiWi bases are weak GoVaPe bases

GOVAPE Attack Strategy Clash of Clans Cons

If troops don’t get into the core, attack falls apart
Bases with wall rings can be problematic, units are hard to direct
Infernos providing cover fire to the outside of the base can be problematic
Heros and CC can pull units away from the core if not inside it
CC triggered too early can be problematic
Dragons can be dealt with but are problematic
GOVAPE Attack Strategy Clash of Clans Attacking time

The opening of a good GoVaPe attack is the key to the success. Valkyrie and PEKKA both like to wander and that initial strike determines much of what they will do during the battle. If you don’t set it up right they are prone to wandering off target and the power of this combo is very likely to fizzle as the units split up.

I always open with attacks to the left and right of the runway I want. A solid runway is about 2 to 3 buildings wide that provides a direct path to the core with a jump spell. This maximizes the splash potential of your Valkyrie by keeping them somewhat spread out, but also still close together. When Valkyrie are too bunched up they whiff attacks something terrible but if too spread out they get picked off by defenses extremely easy. An important note here is that I purposely leave buildings in the path of my PEKKA/Valks to direct them. This prevents your units from selecting a building on the outside perimeter that is technically closer from drawing them about 8-12 paces off target. When you watch my raids my PEKKA are always up before all the outside buildings are cleared and my Valkyrie aren’t far behind. Its which buildings I have clear that is the big deal.

Because you have PEKKA along, you can afford to start your attack fairly spread out. The PEKKA can do some light taking in the center of your attack formation. This is one of the reasons GoVaPe is an excellent pushing strategy. Valkyrie are strong inside the core but weak on the outside. This initial flexibility to open up an attack wide or narrow allows you to get more buildings on the outside, getting a higher percent if need be.

Also I take advantage of a commonly sited disadvantage of Valkyrie here. I always go PEKKA then Valkyrie because after the initial push the Valkyrie will rush ahead of my other units. This means the PEKKA will tank damage initially and then later the Valkyrie will take damage instead. By deploying my PEKKA initially to take damage both units survive longer because they more or less take “turns” taking damage.

I carry 7 wall breakers typically and I will use them to get the Golems inside the base and to get my PEKKA/Valkyrie inside. Sometimes I let the PEKKA make their own whole and have WB break a secondary layer. I typically will get golems inside with a WB pair unless that opens up a path I do not want my units taking or I don’t have enough WB for the job. I do this because wizards have a tendecy to bunch up along the walls when golems are tanking on the outside and often end up rushing ahead of the golems when they make a hole in the wall. PEKKA are generally where I want my Valkyrie to go, so the wizards aren’t as prone to get ahead of there tanks here.

Once the outter layer is breached and your units have a direct line to the core is when you want to see that Clan Castle or a hero activated. Ideally your Valkyrie will be rushing to meet these units and you can throw a rage on top, with a jump spell opening up a direct line to the core. The rage and jump allows your units to close the gap quickly and utilize their splash damage. Without the rage, Valkyrie will often be killed before they ever swing their axe. Wizards in particular are a huge issue. Also, dragons are problematic and for that reason make sure wizards are backing up your Valkyrie in their rush to the core. A rage that gets 3-4 wizards in range, and a queen hopefully, can deal with that dragon quick enough to prevent massive damage. Please note, this is why I settled on the number of wizards in the composition. Swap out more wizards and 1 dragon becomes very very scary.


I typically try and time a freeze to get both CC troops and an inferno. This is the best case scenerio, as CC troops will be obliterated if frozen while Valkyrie are rushing with a rage. This is in particular great for those CC filled with wizards. However, when dealing with a CC full of nothing but archers you can not afford to wait for all 35 of the units to come out. Waiting for the full force can result in your Valkyrie getting held up in the core while a huge number of defenses rip them to pieces. This is actually the biggest strengtht of a CC full of these units, they stall really well buying the defenses precious seconds. Despite there splash damage Valkyire tend to end up taking on archers a few at a time. A freeze in mid CC deployment can mean the archers actually bunch up more, as some are frozen and others are moving to intercept. In these situations, I may also use one freeze on the inferno initially and the second one to get the remaining CC troops and lock up the inferno for another 8 seconds.

For Th9 and 8 players a heal spell is very powerful. Dropping one of these will help deal with archers, though maxed wizards are still a big issue. Having your Barbarian King use his ability to create extra barbarians is a good way to help take these units out quickly. You may also want a few witches along for the ride, as they create great distractions as well.

Typically once these units get into the core, freeze and rage is used – its a win. The biggest question at this point is how high your percentage is. Valkyrie are terrible once they have to stop to break down walls. PEKKA are a great compliment to Valkyrie because they do fairly well, if raged, at taking out walls quickly – in particular premature bases. Still, once the core is gutted your momentum is going to petter. If your base had a large core, you will likely be sitting pretty. If your base is heavily segmented in the core you may struggle hitting 50 percent. Also, if a high number of buildings was on the outside edge of the base your opening deployment will be critical as to whether or not you hit 50 percent.

Three staring a maxed base is always a long shot, but bases with a solid runway with large compact cores and otherwise large compartments will struggle vs this composition. Those with less upgraded defenses will likely give up a 3 star if executed properly against a base weak Vs GoVaPe.


GOVAPE Attack Strategy Clash of Clans VS GiVaPe

You can substitute Giants for Golems. For Th9 and 8 this isn’t a major trade off. With heal Giants hold up pretty well. At th10 it’s weaker but still a decent combo. Good for preserving dark elixir.

GOVAPE Attack Strategy Clash of Clans originally taken from clash of clans forum which made by valhalla, thanks for sharing great attack strategy guide clash of clans. Keep on posting