Farming Base Clash Of Clans

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Farming Bases Design Clash of clans :: The aim of farming bases is to give shield your resources. The purpose of course to make you’ll be able to upgrade your defenses. many of us in purpose drop their trophy level for the goal to avoid being attacked by higher level players and losing too many resources. However there still lots of people that  capable of destroying a better level base with a lower trophy. your job is make sure the best defence and what kind of design that suitable to you.

In Farming Bases Design Clash of clans always recommend that you just have a main compartment within the middle of the base together with your  group clan castle and dark elixir storage. Having your clan castle central is really helping because it can contain a lot of troops so it will offer most protection to your base. additionally dark elixir is extremely precious thus i might additionally suggested putting this also in the middle because well protected of course.

In Farming Bases Design Clash of clans I would then distribute  storage equally around your main compartment to make the enemy attack can’t steal resources at once. be sure every of them is well protected by 2 or 3 covered by defensive buildings. many of us on this web site have talked concerning triangulation of defensive buildings and for that i believe that it’s a really necessary to our base. it’s the concept that your defenses distributed to make sure cover entire base. Triangulation is especially necessary for mortars and air defenses as they will work with the attacker’s army.

Also be sure that you place as many collectors within your walled base as collector can be easy source for an attacker if they are not emptied regularly

farming base design

Farming Bases Design Clash of clans Segmentation isn’t as necessary in farming bases as there tend to be larger compartments that contain storages and several other defensive buildings; but it’s still can be use if you want it. i might recommend a layout like a three ring defence. 

Farming Bases Design Clash of clans :: First of all in your 1st ring or main compartment place your kinship group castle and most prized storage and some of defenses example Mortar and air defense. within the main second ring split it up thus you have roughly four compartments with a storage every however with many defenses eg. Gold and elixir storages + wizard towers and mortars (xbow if you’re TH9+). And in your third ring place collectors and alternative defensive buildings like cannons and archer towers. See my farming bases for a visible example.

Farming Bases Design Clash of clans Your town hall can be on the outside to lure enemy attackers to attack this and not your resources. you’ll be able to place traps around it as you’ll defeat little archer raids this fashion however that isn’t too possible. you may lose trophies once farming.