Dark Elixir Attack Strategy COC

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Clash of clans strategy guide really needed for a clasher who want to get the best result and best player in this game. So in this website i decided to find the great method, strategy, guide, and tips clash of clans and compiled in this website. for now we are learning how to farm dark elixir
Step 1: Locate the Dark Elixir

Where are most of the Dark Elixir stored in the base? Only attack the base if the amount of Dark Elixir you’re looking for meets your standards. For example, if you’re looking for at least 800 Dark Elixir and there’s 400 DE stored inside a the DE Storage and 400 DE stored in 2 Lv 3 Drills that are all separated within the base, then you probably would want to skip this base. Why? Because you’re most likely not going to be able to attack this base from all cylinders and get in deep enough to steal all 800 DE. The most potent attack you can go is attack from one direction. Attacking in multiple directions weakens your attack, and how far you can get inside a base.

Step 2: Assess all the defenses protecting the Dark Elixir

When you’re farming for Dark Elixir, you’re farming for Dark Elixir. Forget if there’s like 200K each Gold and Elixir, your main target is the Dark Elixir, don’t waste troops around the base trying to get the Gold and Elixir first. When you’re farming for Dark Elixir, assess only the defenses surrounding the Dark Elixir. Is the Dark Elixir protected by splash defense? (Mortars and Wizard Towers) How far inside the base is the DE located? From experience are you confident that you’ll be able to steal all the DE? If so, then progress. Also, remember if the Town Hall level is 1 Town Hall level less, than you have an advantage in power. For example, a Town Hall 9 player with Lv 6 Barch can do a lot of damage to a Town Hall 8 base, regardless of how high the level of the defenses are.
Dark Elixir Attack

Step 3: Clan Castle

First thing you want to do before attacking is to check whether there’s anything inside the Clan Castle. If the Clan Castle is not within the range of the Dark Elixir, then ignore it. If it is, then try to activate it with a few Barbarians and/or Wall Breakers. If you can’t lure it, then always prepare for the worst. And then assess whether you can still take all the DE. Having a Lightning Spell as a backup helps a lot in processing your decision of whether to attack the base or not.

Step 4: Plan out your attack

Once you’ve chosen the direction you wish to attack, plan how you will go about attacking the base. Always be skeptical of empty 2×2 tile spaces and they could be hiding Hidden Teslas or Giant Bombs. Before spawning a bunch of Barbarians and Archers outside of a place, test for Giant Bombs, especially any empty spaces behind other buildings or in the line of direction towards the Dark Elixir.

Prioritize on removing Wizard Towers and Mortars out of the way. Use the combination of Barbarians + Archers + Minions against a Wizard Tower to quickly remove it.

How to spawn different troops

Barbarians – Start by testing out empty spaces for bombs with a few Barbarians. Then remove all outlying buildings out of the way with a few Barbarians and Archers so you can control the direction you wish to proceed in getting the Dark Elixir. Then rapidly spawn a bunch of Barbarians using multiple fingers towards the direction of the Dark Elixir. The usual purpose of these Barbarians is to act as shields for other troops as Barbarians have great HP to take multiple hits from defenses.

Dark Elixir Attack

Archers – Use a few Archers at the beginning of a raid to remove all outlying buildings that are unprotected by the range of Archers. Archers have a 3.5 tile radius attack range. Never send in Archers unprotected, meaning you must have Barbarians in front of them for shield. Archers have terribly low HP and can be 1 shotted by most defenses. Like Barbarians, and after you’ve sent in your Barbarians, you want to rapidly send a bunch of Archers behind them by using multiple fingers to spawn them.

Using Multiple Fingers to Spawn:

If you’ve never used more than 1 finger at the same time to spawn troops, then start practicing. You can sweep with 2 fingers instead of one by using both your index and middle finger together. You can spawn 3 troops at a time by constantly tapping with your index, middle, and ring fingers together. You can use one hand to change troops while your spawn troops with the other hand. You can use both hands with 3 fingers to constantly tap and spawn 6 troops at a time. Do not sweep with more than 3 fingers at the same tim. If you have a device with a small screen, then zoom in all the way. If you have a small screen and fat fingers, then I can’t help you with that. Buy a device with a larger screen lol.

Minions – If there are any outlying buildings in the way unguarded by air-attacking defenses, then remove first with a Minion. Minions fly over walls, so they’re excellent for targetting splash defenses hiding behind walls. Archers aren’t very good at that simply because they’re one-shotted by most splash defense. Minions are also exceptional at quickly removing Wizard Towers, a prime threat for your army. In order to spawn a group of Minions, start by sending out 1 or 2 around to trigger any possible Air Bombs in the way. Then you can safely send the rest in that same direction.

Tip: The above troops perform their best when used in a large group and are spawn rapidly with multiple fingers in one direction. This means you must remove all possible splash defenses and air bombs out of the way before you can safely send in a large horde

Wall Breakers – Once you have a bunch of Barbarians distracting all the defenses, you can then safely deploy Wall Breakers. Remember, Mortars hit every 5 seconds, so be sure to time that if there’s a Mortar in the way. Wall Breakers don’t target the closest wall, then target the closest wall concealing a building. To accurately break the wall of interest, you must remove the buildings inside of the walls that are in your way before sending in your Wall Breaker. It takes a lot of practice before you can master using Wall Breakers effectively.

Clan Castle Troops – Use your Clan Castle troops as last resort or along with your mass horde. CC troops come out one by one and have a terrible AI, so make sure to send them out at the right moment, especially if your horde is in need of more troops.

Archer Queen or Barbarian King – Make sure you have point defenses (Cannons, Archer Towers, Teslas!) out of the way before sending in your Hero. Or send them out along with your mass horder of Barbarians and Archers. The Barbarian King is an excellent combination with Barch because of his excellent HP allowing him to take as many hits a she wants from Mortar and Wizard Towers. If the core has a bunch of Mortars, Wizards, and Air Defenses surrounding the DE Storage, then that means it’s weak to the Barbarian King. Always have a few Wall Breakers to break walls and control the movement of your Barbarian King. The Rage Spell is also an excellent spell for the Barbarian King as it not only makes him go berserk, but can also lead him the right way towards the Dark Elixir. The Archer Queen is excellent in her own right because of her brilliant 5 tile attack range and her abililty to attack over walls. She can reach the Dark Elixir storage better than any other troop in the game. Send her out along with a bunch of Barbarians and Archers as shields.

Lightning Spell – You can use Lightning Spells to obtain bonus Dark Elixir by zapping DE Storages filled with DE or remove annoying Clan Castle troops. Or use 2 Lightning Spells to remove Mortars or Wizard Towers in your way, as then safely spam a mass horde of Barbarians and Archers.

Rage Spell – Excellent not only for breaking inside a base with a mass horde, but also directing your troops towards the right direction.

Heal Spell – Great for protection against splash damage. Even better when coupled with a Rage Spell.

Jump Spell – Great for controlling the direction of your troops towards the DE storage. Works best when coupled with a Rage Spell as well.