Clash Of Clans Town Hall 8 Base Design

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Clash of clans guide strategy for town hall level 8 With lots of new buildings, structures and defenses at TH8, base building goes up one full level. As my other bases have incorporated the basic idea of funnelling and trap placement, I have also decided to take this to the next tier-Nautilus houses an internal maze with a core given great ideas from Avernicus, known as a maze specialist with his (like nothing else in the world) and unusual base designs.

All troops have been AI pathed towards the core, where they will be bombarded by defenses while being sieved and triggering multiple traps where Giants who usually scout forward will hit multiple spring traps as skeleton traps slowly slowly leak their health.

As always, changes to suit personal preferences are welcome though please note that tampering with the design may ruin the purpose and mechanics behind it. Clash of clans Town hall 8 Base design

 Town hall 8 Base design
Clash of clans Town hall 8 Base design
Overall Clash of clans Town hall 8 Base design:

*Switch bottom cannon with bottom AT and DE storage with internal AT, thanks to Swellph for the screenshot!

Optional changes:

If you find that Heroes are a trouble closing the doors of the core may help by removing wall pieces on the amazing/surprising (or: single) compartments on the outside border. This also will distract Giants away from the second layer and possibly extending paths.

War version (lightly tested):

The base is anti-dragon and anti-hog orientated from specific angles including the Group of people (huge, fancy, stone house) side being the most common point of attack. Thanks to Robbieeast for the building rearrangements!

Bourbon’s change:
Doors on the northwest and southeast of the core has been closed as a counter-measure against Heroes, buildings are placed in a ring to distract Dragons and some trap rearrangements have been done.

Heavily (broken into parts) version with the sacrifice of one useful thing/valuable supply fully unprotected

 Town hall 8 Base design
Clash of clans Town hall 8 Base design

Design Features and Mechanics

As Nautilus features an enclosed (place where animals live), enemy troops are pathed towards the core (Command Center) where defenses will sudden attack them. High-HP tanks such as the Group of people (huge, fancy, stone house) and DE storage act as distractions while under fire. BK, skeleton traps and CC troops also act as distractions and attack scouting Giants, who roam around the core triggering multiple traps on the way. 

Troops will also move in huge numbers around the core failing/breaking (into) several second layer compartments (Treasure Hold and Engine Room) which are supported and defended by point defenses along with the internal Wizard Towers and mortars- storages are sacrificed as tanks while giant bombs (fuel barrels) take care of minor infantry.

In the latest sea-traveling technology internally built spring traps (external pistons) have been placed in hallways to give flight to heavy Giants boarding the ship. In the case that remaining Giants and the occasional PEKKA failure/mistake through the core, high damaging Teslas (electrical conductors) will attack them. High-tech Air Bombs (spherical missile) are placed to take out huge numbers of Servants (evil monster statues) and Looking (for) Air Mines (intense spherical missiles) have been placed in case beautiful Healers aid their Giants.

At the outside border of the Nautilus, point defenses (cannons) act as distractions for Giants and a counter-measure against BARCH attacks. (far apart from others) compartments contain (bow-and-arrow hunter) funnels where a bomb is quietly (so nobody else will know) placed finished with a Wizard Tower. Extended arms of these compartments lead Giants towards them rather than the engine room/treasure hold pathing them towards the next point defense.


Open core- troops with a focus on Giants are funnelled towards traps while being attacked by splash and point defenses. Troops are split from entering the core and encircling it giving splash damaging defenses a higher chance to take out enemy troops without being destroyed first

  • Internal maze- compliments the open core by having troops running all over the base causing noise and confusion everywhere

  • Storage placement- placed in a manner where DE storage does not influence enemies’ point of attack

  • Teslas- placed in the core for maximum DPS against Giants and occasionally PEKKAs

  • Splash defenses- placed (in the best possible way) where Wizard Towers are in range of storages and Mortars placed deep enough to support Wizard Towers

  • Point defenses- placed in a pentagon on the base outside border to combat BARCH and a distraction for Giants. AT in core to pick off Giants and annoying Heroes

  • Air Defenses- one is placed in core as a counter-measure against air troops that get away from the other two Air Defenses. Other two AD are placed on outside border with SAMs protecting against Healers. Giants are pathed towards point defenses instead.

  •  Skeletop Traps- placed to weaken Giants entering core

  •  Air Bombs/SAMs- placed to either take on Healers or servant groups

  • Giant Bombs- counter against (ugly, trouble-making animal) huge numbers

  • Archer funnels- single tile groups (bow-and-arrow hunters) with a bomb to weaken them, finished by a WT/mortar

  • Uneven/walked unsteadily (connecting points/joining points)- all (connecting points/joining points) have been uneven/walked unsteadily by a minimum two tiles and (makes something as small as possible/treats something important as unimportant) WB splash damage.

  • (having a left half that’s a perfect mirror image of the right half)- no specific weak points due to 99% (one useless wall) wall (having a left half that’s a perfect mirror image of the right half)

  • Unknown design- this base is relatively unknown to majority of the Clash population unlike popular bases where enemy
    town hall 8 Base design
    Clash of clans Town hall 8 Base design

    Cons Clash of clans Town hall 8 Base design

    Air Defense placement is not best against Balloonion or occasional Dragon sudden attack. Lack of compartments makes it weak against TH9 BARCH attacks with both Heroes. DE Storage is not (in the best possible way) protected for open-core bases

    Defense Logs Clash of clans Town hall 8 Base design

    Refer to background damage for amount of storages robbed and the armies used. Observations are mostly unedited (with the exception of grammar mistakes and corrections). Note that I can post your logs here if you want!

    This Clash of clans Town hall 8 Base design is made by nautilus and compiled here in order to share for you all clasher around the world. You can use this base but the outcome is just another story. have fun and stay clash, if you want to you can read another Base Design Variation Town Hall 10 Clash of Clans