Clash Of Clans Tips : Get 3 Stars Town Hall 7

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Clash of clans tips : Get 3 stars Town Hall 7 :: In this article I would give you a great sorry a nice composition of troops that can be used as a guide tips to get 3 stars in raiding town hall 7 clash of clans. So let’s begin this tutorial below:

In order to use Clash of clans tips: Get 3 stars Town Hall 7 you should at least unlock one barrack in order to make this strategy success.
Clash of clans tips : Get 3 stars Town Hall 7 Works best in 1100 – 1300 Trophy Range, so if you want to use it in War Clan I suggest to see the enemy base first. IF YOU ARE LOOKING THE STRATEGY GET 3 STAR TH 7 FOR WAR i extremely suggest that you are using your all Air attack troops like Dragon. Be sure to add 3 the Lightning spell to defeat one of air defence. The rest is just your dragon jobs. Okay then let’s continue about this tips again
Clash of clans tips : Get 3 stars Town Hall 7 Troops:[Defensive Battle]
25 Archers / Level 4: 4,000 Elixir

16 Goblins / Level 4: 1,280 Elixir

15 Giants / Level 4: 30,000 Elixir

10 Wallbreakers / Level 4: 25,000 Elixir

1 Healer / Level 4: 6,000 Elixir

1 Dragon / Level 2: 30,0000 Elixir

2 Lightning Spells / Level 3: 36,000 Elixir [Optional]

1 Rage Spell / Level 1: 23,000 Elixir [Optional]

[Optional]: Barbarian King (Backup)

Total (w/o Spells) = 96,280 Elixir

Total (w/ Spells) = 155,280 Elixir
Clash of clans tips : Get 3 stars Town Hall 7 :: Even though these troops at a high cost, you should take time to find an enemy base that has at least 97,000+ Elixir to make you could reproduce again your troops, of course also get a benefit from it. Just be patient to find the best enemy base, sometimes takes around 2-5 minutes or more to find a great enemy base, In this case don’t worry about click the next and next.
I could give guarantee that at least 85% you are going to get 3 Stars when attack this enemy base clash of clans. Make sure before first attack check the Clan Castle is it empty or occupied, if in it has a lot of troops I suggest to lure the troops out to the corner, or at least out of the defensive parameter and drop your lightning spell. 
After the enemy troops are killed, you could continue into the battle. Make sure to find the the air defense because it will take your air troopers death quickly, so prioritize it first. After the air defense is defeated, continue with send the dragon and place your healer to cover the giants. You can continue place your goblins, archers troops around the base to take out all the extra’s such as gold mines, barracks, etc. By doing this attack tips you will gain an easy 3 stars. To make you really sure gain the three stars you can place your barbarian king to protect your goblin and archers.
town hall 7 hybrid mode Clash of clans
Clash of clans tips : Get 3 stars Town Hall 7 Another cheaper army composition, this is also good composition as well, because you will save your elixir more and also time really fast than before.
Clash of clans tips : Get 3 stars Town Hall 7 Troops: [Hybrid Battle]
15 Giants / Level 4: 30,000 Elixir
31 Barbarians / Level 4: 2,480 Elixir
30 Archers / Level 4: 4,800 Elixir
20 Goblins / Level 4: 1,600 Elixir
7 Wallbreakers / Level 4: 17,500 Elixir
[Optional]: Barbarian King (Backup)
Total = 56,380 Elixir
Clash of clans tips : Get 3 stars Town Hall 7 This attack is usually for Trophy Pushers and Farmers clasher. Of course by using the giants, they will be able to distract as good as tear down defenses to open way for another troops. This attack will give you an easy 1 star or if you want you can still continue your raiding section. This tips firstly is breaking into the enemy base drop couple (or all) of giants to distract the defensive structure. Continue your raid with Barbarians, Goblins and Archers in a half round 
Clash of clans tips : Get 3 stars Town Hall 7 tips above are my simple guide offensive strategies to get the best attacking strategy town hall level 7 Clash of clans. Feel free to comment and thanks for reading this Clash of clans tips : Get 3 stars Town Hall 7 article.