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clash of clans strategy raid :: There are a lot of strategy and guide to get a successful raid, but sometimes we want to try another strategy right? Of course every player want to make sure that you’re in the right place for  target Town Hall range. If you are a clasher with Town Hall 9 you need to find middle  Town Hall 8 and premier Town Hall 9 bases to get raided. 
If you’re a Town Hall 10, you want to pick and find mostly middle  Town Hall 9 and premier Town Hall 10 bases. It could be different now, but usually Town Hall 9 sweet spot was usually in the 1700-1900 range. As a Town Hall 10, it should be in the 1950-2050 range.
clash of clans strategy raid :: I always use farm boosted because I feel the barracks queue time while nexting is a huge benefit to my overall gph. What I do is I search for a base with 200k+ gold that’s reachable, but I search for a maximum of 2 minutes. I keep nexting and nexting until I hit my 2 minute window. 
I glance over to the clock each time I start searching and after approximately 2 minutes of nexting I drop my threshold to 100k+ gold bases and hit the next one I see. If I’ve wandered into too low of a trophy range I’ll hit some 100-150k bases that are easy wins to bump up trophies, but generally try not to until after the 2 minute minimum.
The reason I do this, is because as soon as I finish an attack after two minutes of nexting and return to my base I have another army completely ready to go. Remember, 4 minute build times boosted. So, that gives me 2 minutes to search, 2 minutes to attack, queue again all barracks and start again.
No matter what return I get on the attack after 2 minutes, it’s better than sitting there nexting away for 5 more minutes waiting for that “perfect” base.
clash of clans strategy

I’ve found that patience with “nexting” is the true key to big gold profits. If you find yourself hitting the first 100k base you see, then you will rarely be presented with the 200k+ base and your gph will always in low. However, if you hit next for another 90 seconds it may cost you 20k in gold, but for the 200k, 300k, or 400k base you find two or three times an hour it makes it all worthwhile.
clash of clans strategy
OK, now you found that base with 250k of loot available. You will need to use the tools I gave you above to quickly identify if you can get to the loot or not. If it’s all in the storages surrounded by IT’s then next it is. If it’s a premie base with clumped storages in the center, it’s BAM time. If it’s a full collector raid, then it’s party time.
clash of clans strategy raid :: Don’t be afraid to mess up, because you have another army waiting for you as soon as you get back to camp. It makes life a lot less stressful. hopefully this clash of clans strategy raid article useful for you, thanks for reading clash of clans strategy raid article. Feel free to comment below.