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Clash of Clans Guide Town Hall 8 will talk about Trapception Base Clash of Clans is another great base which can be found in this Clash of Clans Guide Town Hall 8. This base will give you a great ways to keep your loots (gold and elixir) from any other attacker. Trapception Base Clash of Clans can be max when you are in Town Hall 8 and going to Town Hall 9. Here is the Clash of Clans Guide Town Hall 8 using trapception base

Clash of Clans Guide Town Hall 8 :: This is another version of the Trapception Base Clash of Clans. I used it in transformer mode as I don’t have time to mess around with redesigning my whole base for wars/farming/trophy pushing. (Saved war bases weren’t a thing yet.) There are lots of good bases out there but this one worked well for me. I found it easy to re-arrange towers when I was upgrading different things and provide good triangulation of the 3 tower splash/ADs for storage protection as well as point D distribution and good use of traps.

Note: this Clash of Clans Guide Town Hall 8 assumes that you aren’t gemming any time off of upgrades.

As you can see I have been working with 4 builders. The fifth might have been nice, but until TH8 I found that if I had four builders going constantly that my lab upgrades and my builder upgrades were all maxing out the TH level at pretty much the same time. TH8 has alot of new lab upgrades so even with my lab and four builders going constantly I still had lab upgrades left at the end of TH8 (just pekkas and some dark troops).
trapception base layout

Clash of Clans Guide Town Hall 8 :: What should I absolutely upgrade/build first?
  • Clan Castle – Holds more troops and gives you a higher war loot capacity as well. Don’t underestimate how much resources you can get out of wars to help with your farming.
  • Laboratory – You want to upgrade your tier 1 troops ASAP to help with farming.
  • 2nd Dark Elixer Drill – To get one to level 3 takes 6 days, do it right away. Having a second resource extractor for DE is one of the best things about getting TH 8.
Clash of Clans Guide Town Hall 8  :: Builder Tips for the whole grind

ABT – Always be Teslaing. If you want to get those Tesla’s all to level 6 before hitting th9 (hint: you should) you will need to have at least 1 if not 2 builders working on Teslas at all times. Toward the end of the grind I would overlap my tesla upgrades by 3 days so as not to neuter one of the cool features of the trapception base for too long. I read this on the forums somewhere and it was the best piece of advice I could have got.
trapception base layout

Tower upgrade order: Do your splash D first, the Gold mortars can one shot lvl 6 troops which is huge with the large amount of time between shots. Next was Wizard Towers, the full purple is intimidating. Next I did air defense. I did cannons and then archer towers because it worked better balancing gold demands with trying to get some more walls done but you can do either of them first. Archer towers hit both air and ground so those might be better to do first. Never have more than one of the same type of tower upgrading at a time either. This is mainly important for the Wizard Towers Mortars and ADs as there are only 3 total of them.

Level 10 Barbarian King – Those fancy new DE troops might seem flashy and fun, but there really isn’t any raiding they can do that your more leveled up elixer troops can’t do already. So my best advice would be to save the entire DE you can to dump into your Burger King until he is at level 10. This guy WAS a beast at this level. Boosting your BK’s recovery time for 10 gems over 2 hours is the best possible use of gems you could choose. He makes a huge difference in raids.
trapception base layout

Walls – Get as many skull walls as you can before you run out of things to build with your builders. Some people say that you should stay at th8 and max all your walls. However the reality is, most bases only use about 150 walls for compartments and the rest are for funnels. I made it to 136 skull walls, more would have been nice, but I wasn’t going to have a builder sitting idle when there is still a long grind through th9 to get through.

Clash of Clans Guide Town Hall 8 Laboratory

Having an idle laboratory is worse than having an idle builder. You always want to make sure you’ve got enough elixer (or after your BK is maxed DE) to keep it working on something. TH8 is the first level where the total time to complete the upgrades in the lab is substaintially longer than that of having four builders working constantly to complete the upgrades on your village’s buildings.

Clash of Clans Guide Town Hall 8  :: What should I upgrade first?
  • Archers – Shoots over walls! LvL 5 archers are required for clan entry and you need a good clan to keep your CC full when you do long raiding sessions.
  • Barbs – Meat Sheilds, they spread available targets so that mortars don’t own your archers.
  • Goblins – Sprint to those storages to clean up.
  • Wall Breakers – at lvl 5, one WB goes through a gold wall, 2 WBs will go through almost any wall.
  • Rage Spell – This is pretty key when trying to punch into storages with tier 1 troops.
  • Lightning Spell – Zap DE storages (best done only on revenge attacks)
These are the main farming troops that I found I had the most economical return when using. I will go over the army composition in the next chapter.

Once these are done just chip away at the others. If you’re going to be heavy into warring, I would try and max Dragons next as they are one of the better raiding options for people at TH8. An elixir isn’t a problem at TH8 really so the big cost of the army in elixir doesn’t really matter.

My only other lab tip is that once your Burger King is Level 10 later on in TH8, start upgrading your Hogs. You want these bad boys at level 4 before you get to TH9, so that you can have them at LVL 5 as soon as possible when you hit TH9.

Clash of Clans Guide Town Hall 8  :: Army Composition


Most of your raids at this level should be about maximizing the amount of resources you profit. Accordingly tier 1 troops can give you the most bangs for your buck. I had good success with the following composition;
88 Archers
60 Barbarians
8 WBs
36 Goblins

Mix of rage and lightning spells. Most of the time I t with all rage spells. When I had a big ticket DE upgrade coming due, I would farm at a higher trophy range and carry 3 lightening spells to zap DE storages (with more than 1.5K DE) from th9/th10 even when I wasn’t revenging.
Barbarian King – Boost him for 2h for 10 gems and he will be available every raid. Best return on gem investment possible.

There will be a significant amount of time (at least 24 days, 38 for me) where you will be down to 3 barracks during th8 as you max them out. During this period, I did 9 WBs 87 archers & 59 barbs.

Clash of Clans Guide Town Hall 8  :: Trophy Range

I had success from as low as 1350 to as high as 1800. I would avoid the 1440-1540 range though. For some reason this has always been unlucky for me.

Clash of Clans Guide Town Hall 8 War

At TH8 you’ll have a pretty hard time 3 starring bases. I was in a clan of 40 where I was the lowest ranked player so I would try and squeeze out 2 stars at a time, or 3 star bases with weak air defenses with dragons.

Once you’ve got your hogs up to lvl 3, or 4, you should be able to take down most TH8s for 3 star and even some TH9s. There are lots of other guides about war amry compositions, you can find on the town hall 9 tips clash of clans.

Clash of Clans Guide Town Hall 8  :: WHEN SHOULD I GO TO TH9?

Not a day goes by on this forum where someone doesn’t ask that question. There are a few schools of thought;
  • Max buildings from builders.
  • Max Walls
  • Max Your Lab
In the end I chose the one that happend first. I didn’t want to have any idle production capacity and was happy enough with the amount of skull walls I had.

I wanted to get lvl 6 troops, a bigger army composition through camp upgrades, a larger clan castle for troops and increased war loot capacity more than I felt the need to grind out another 45 million gold in wall upgrades or to do all the lab upgrades

Clash of Clans Guide Town Hall 8  :: Conclusion

So, that sums up my grind to a “maxed” TH8, I got lots of advice from lurking around these forums that helped me along the way. I wanted to try and give back to the community by compiling them in one place and showing how they worked together. Basically this Trapception base is taken from supercell forum which is made by arasarn