Clash Of Clans Attack Valkyrie Tornado

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This is another great new combo attack  called Valkyrie tornado which contain excellent troopers. I believe there are so many strategies guide articles and videos that show us about how to defeat Town Hall, or even just step by step raiding without explanation. 
In here i will post the Valkyrie tornado attack with explanation and also the video. This attacking strategy originally has been published by sadiskandra in clash of clans forum. So let’s check the new valkyrie tornado attack below
To all Clashers that want to try this valkyrie tornado attack should open all requirements troops below: giant, healer, valkyrie, wizard.
Clash of Clans attack Valkyrie Tornado Attacking Composition:
200 Spaces: 10 Archers – 10 Wizards – 6 Giants – 4 Healers – 8 Valkyries
CC: Giants/Wizards
3 Spells: 1 Heal – 2 Rage
220 Spaces: 10 Archers – 15 Wizards – 6 Giants – 4 Healers – 8 Valkyries
CC: Giants/Wizards
4 Spells: 1 Heal – 3 Rage
240 Spaces: 10 Archers – 15 Wizards 6 Giants – 10 Wall breakers
4 Healers – 8 Valkyries
CC: Giants/Wizards
5 Spells: 1 Heal – 2 Freeze & 2 Rage

Valkyrie Tornado

 Spell Usage:
Lightning: Use to kill enemy CC troops if necessary
Healing: Throw it on any units that got separated from the healers to keep them up and kicking

Rage: Put it down when you think your troops are getting into a death trap and want them to get out ASAP

Jump: Use it to direct them towards the core and to keep them from going out and about

Freeze: Infernos. Keep them from frying your troops and preventing healers from doing their job (Throwing a rage when your troops get near an inferno really helps!)    

So right now you might be wondering. Why not train 30 Valkyrie and call it a Valkyrie Tornado? Its simple. I took training time into consideration so that you wouldn’t have to have to wait 225+ minutes just for one raid. Not to mention the dark elixir cost of 30 Valkyrie.    

    Now you’re probably wondering how to do this raid!
Here is the step by step: 

    Step 1: Send in Giants with 2-3 healers to distract defenses

Step 2: Place a couple of archers and wizards and CC to clear outside buildings

Step 3: Spread the rest of the healers to keep the wizards & Valkyrie alive

Step 4: Send in the Valkyrie one at a time to make sure they’re going the right way which is into the core

Step 5: Send in the rest of your troops into the core including your heroes

Step 6: Save a couple of archers to snipe buildings if needed

Clash of Clans attack Valkyrie Tornado Tip: Spell use is varied sometimes you wont have to use them and sometimes you will and also trust Your Instincts!    

    Suggested at a minimum:

Level 4+ Giants
Level 4+ Wizards
Level 4+ Archers
Level 2+ Valkyries
Level 2+ Healers
Level 3+ CC
Level 5+ Heroes (For the special abilities)
Level 3+ Spells (aside from jump and freeze)    

Clash of Clans attack Valkyrie Tornado is made to make all clasher who want to try another attacking method can used this way. Thanks for reading this Clash of Clans attack Valkyrie Tornado. If you have any questions feel free to comment or send me a private message