Base Layout Guide Clash Of Clans Hybrid Bases

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Base Layout Guide Clash of clans :: First of all I don’t faux to be an expert or professional about this clash of clans game which made by Supercell as android developer. I’m simply sharing my expertise with the hope that it helps, if you’re thinking that I’m wrong so it is free to share your experiences in an exceedingly constructive method therefore we are able to facilitate others.

There are many alternative forms of bases that you will build in Clash of the Clans and it’s important that you build a handy base for the duty which you need. There are a lot of things to do but of course we share it the basic rules in order to make you understand and you can follow to attain a great design.

Base Layout Guide Clash of clans Hybrid Bases

This is the foremost common sort of base in Clash of the Clans. The aim of this base is to shield each trophies and resources. This commonly implies that your  building and storage are  centralized in the base. However you also need to consider how your defenses are positioned too. Air defenses and mortars need to be well spread to ensure coverage of your base but they are normally also fairly centralized as well. This becomes difficult as you can’t physically put everything in the middle.

In this hybrid bases you need to consider what you want to protect most. It is different for every player. You can have an interchangeable layout so you can swap storage with defenses so that different things are more heavily protected.

Another thing I would recommend is placing wizard towers around storage and within range of each other. This way you can destroy hordes of goblins easily.

 hybrid bases clash of clans

It is also recommended that you have your clan castle and barbarian king as central as possible so they can cover your entire base. Priorities the positioning of these defenses over cannons or archer towers which can be placed on the outskirts of your base.

hybrid bases clash of clans

Most Hybrid bases are segmented by walls so that each compartment isn’t very big. This is a good idea so that the enemy doesn’t steal all resources and destroy town hall all at once. So spread out your valuables so they can’t steal it all at once. However in this hybrid bases make sure they are still well protected. If you are a higher enough level makes sure your storage aren’t in the outermost part of your base. Make any attacker have to go through at least two walls to get to storage.

Base Layout Guide Clash of clans Hybrid Bases :: I know this is not all possible but you can prioritize and make your own decisions about you base and what is most important. Hybrid base designs are very diverse and there is no specific template for success. You need to come up with your own design and if not take a look at my hybrid bases for inspiration

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