Wizard Hogrider Attack Clash Of Clans

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Wizard hogrider Attack Town Hall 8 Clash of Clans or we call it ” wizrider” is one of great combination of attacking in clash of clans game. Of course there are a lot of things to make you sure first before using this strategy like what town hall level, how many troops do you have, spell do you have, and also what level are your troops. But just ignore the level of your troops for this attacking for today.

Wizard hogrider Attack Clash of Clans can be used after we unlock all the combination unit from barrack and dark barrack. If you don’t so first step is unlock it for wizard you have upgrade it until level 7 which is unlock wizard. Then if your dark barrack still in level 1 you have to upgrade it into level 2 which will unlock hog rider.

Wizard horider Attack Clash of Clans to ensure you got the minimal requirements to use this attack combination please check it your base is that similar with this requirements below:

  • At least have level 1 hogrider troop
  • At least have level 4 to 5 wizard troop
  • At least have 200 all capacities of Army camps 
  • At least have 3 spells
Wizard hogrider Attack Clash of Clans : if all those minimal requirements has been required so let’s continue into the next steps to attack using wizard and hogrider combination

  • Make at least 30 to 35 hogriders troop by using your dark barrack level 2
  • Make 12 wizard troops 
  • remains unit troop can use barbar or archer but i prefer barbarian than archer
  • Clan castle Unit request to your clanmates
  • Make 3 Healing Spell at least level 1
Wizard hogrider Attack Clash of Clans :: Steps by steps guide 

wizrider attack clash of clans

The first thing is to make sure where is your Clan Castle opponent located. After you find it lure all the CC troops by using barbarian or archer one by one until they get into outside of wall and uncovered by the defensive structures like cannon,  wizard tower, or archer tower. 

Second steps after defeating CC opponent is find the best spot to release your hogrider. Best spot to release hog rider are: there are no 2×2 square which are contain traps like giant bombs which is the best traps to take down your hogrider. Release your hogrider into 2 different places to make sure the raid will be success.

Third steps after release Hogrider is release your remain troops that you bring. Release your wizards in 2 or 3 different places. Take a look the hog when it getting low health give the healing spell on it. 

Wizard hogrider Attack Clash of Clans :: Sometimes you will get 2 until 3 starts depend on the base which you raid and also your strategies on it. At here i will give you the video which use this strategy to make sure you understand clearly about my article Wizard horider Attack Clash of Clans.

Wizard hogrider Attack Clash of Clans article at here is made base on the experiences of the author blog, clanmates experiences. So this attack strategy are valid and legit to use. Fell free to comment and thanks for coming.

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