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Town Hall 5 Base Design  guide will give you a briefly information steps by steps how to create a great base layout which is more defensive than other bases in clash of clans game. Of course you need to be understand when until this TH, this is still vulnerable to attack even by the TH below us.
Town Hall 5 Base Design  The design or layout of your base become one of the most important thing which can make a huge different to the outcome. Any Town Hall 5 Base Design  with unorganized building structures can make massive loss of trophies and resources like gold and elixir

Town Hall 5 Base Design  design that is made to be effective against all types of troops and attacking strategies can make your base very difficult to raid, so in here i will give you the 5 best Town Hall 5 Base Design  clash of clans of course campuradukloh version.

Town Hall 5 Base Design  :: Although TH5 is still can be crippled by enemy forces by using an expensive unit (such as a dragon), players who use the layout / form recommended in these tips will find that generally the attacker would be difficult to get into the village until this level TH was touched.

Town Hall 5 Base Design  1 :: This TH5 base is made with a great design for farming or hybrid mode in clash of clans game. The town hall in the middle of this base because its won’t lose the trophies. The Gold and elixir collector put in the one another section to make the raider difficult to take it. So this is a great base to use for you all Town hall level 5 Clash of Clans game.

Town Hall 5 Base Design 2 : This is another great base design for you all clasher which still ini Town hall 5 clash of clans. This is nice and great placement of the defence structures because its divided into small pieces of square which make the raider even hard to penetrate this base. Of course to get the elixir and gold storage need more troopers.

Town Hall 5 Base Design 3 : The picture below is another TH5 design base which is give a good defence for its gold and elixir storages. The main building divided into 5 separate wall to make the raider difficult to penetrate and take the storages.

Town Hall 5 Base Design 4 : This TH5 base is divided into 5 big parts of base section. Every gold and elixir storage covered by one of defensive building to make it difficult to raid. The main hall is also covered by all remains defensive buildings to protect the TH.

Town Hall 5 Base Design 5 : This base below is similar with the above base but in here just 3 big part of the base which is covered by traps to get into another parts. This is another good base for me because its unique. the base divided into 3 big parts which is every part consist about 2-3 defensive buildings to protect each section.

So which is you prefer to use in your clash of clans base town hall level 5? It is up to you to decided. Town Hall 5 Base Design is still vulnerable until the clasher get into town hall level 7 because we get more wall than before and make it stronger to protect. if there is any feedback and comment, i would like to hear it soon, thanks for reading this Town Hall 5 Base Design  article.

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