Swing Copter Review

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Swing Copters goals is to safely guide a small creature with large eyes and a propeller beanie through an open-work structure of swinging hammers as he soars ever upward. “Flying with a propeller hat is not as easy as it looks,” writes Nguyen in his game’s description on Google Play.

Swing Copters (for Android) still similar with the last game from this developer Nguyen. While Flappy Bird featured a bird remarkably poorly adapted for flight, also Swing Copters helicopter creature let us call it Copter. Using its own devices, Copter veers to the left or the right. You can Tap anywhere on the screen and Copter reverses direction. Swing copter here consists of finding the rhythm and flipping left and right to avoid the swinging hammers and randomly placed girders that divide each level.

Swing Copters :: If you touch anything the side of the screen, the hammers, the chains supporting the hammers, or the girders so you spiral down to ignoble death. In here we found dying in Swing Copters less abrupt than it was in Flappy Bird and slightly less entertaining as a result. Everytime you pass a girder you earn a point. 

Swing Copters according to Google Play, higher scores can unlock medals, which in turn also unlock more copters. Swing Copters might also unlock hover-ponies and singing. The author feel so bad and not interested about this game because its similar with the older

The Swing Copters game can be played two handed or  one-handed. Same with the older game  Flappy Bird, Swing Copters has small banner ads at the top of the screen. The author honestly relieved to have simple ads instead of subscriptions or in-app purchases.

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Swing Copters Different Game, Same Strategy
Swing Copters As mentioned, all about finding the right rhythm with the controls. You tap at the right pace to guide Copter through the girders. Because the girders are positioned randomly, you have to break your rhythm to get Copter back on the safe path. After playing for quite a while, it’s clear to the player especially the author that I’m playing against my own muscle memory as much as I am playing against the game.

Swing Copters (for Android) Though very similar to Flappy Bird, Swing Copters has a few twists that make it even more challenging. A small delay between when you start the game and when Copter takes off makes it harder to time your taps. The fact that the game’s single control (tapping) can guide Copter both left and right depending on its current trajectory makes it very hard to keep Copter on the straight and narrow. Plus, the swinging hammers add an element of motion, which makes focusing on Copter very difficult.

Though Swing Copters isn’t a revolutionary Flappy Bird iteration, it’s still markedly different from most popular mobile games. It sets out to be simple, challenging, and endlessly can’t be replay, and it succeeds. While other games reward mere participation, Swing Copters requires persistence and learning.