Kriss SVD Project Blackout

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Kriss SVD Project Blackout :: Time to post materials related to the First Person Shooter (FPS) number one project blackout or latest called Point Blank. After Overview and several  blogwalking make me conclude that there are so many project blackout player who love and hate this kriss SVD weapon. Yes indeed, most definitely as the owner of the kriis svd weapon is very fond of and the opposite is hated.

Kriss SVD Project Blackout :: The following article is a review of the kriss svd weapon that became one of the favorites of the project blackout or Point Blanker. This kriss svd weapon is often Made frightening for the opponents. These kriss svd weapons can be categorized into  included into the Sub Machine Gun because its bullets very quickly. Let’s check it out this kriss svd first

Kriss SVD Project Blackout :: Let’s look from the appearance body

Kriss SVD Project Blackout :: One of the advantages of this kriss svd weapon is lightweight making it very convenient to use by a trooper who like adventure aka looking for the enemy. Another advantage of kriss svd weapon is the very high rate of fire of between 92-93. With such a range firerate enough to hit shots 4-5 times already destroy the enemy.

Kriss SVD Project Blackout :: Moreover, when using a double fire on this kriss svd weapon, well undoubfully double fire so deadly, by default just press the B button will change from a single into a double fire. Range this kriss svd weapons is also become one of its advantages, which reached 60% it means to be able hit middle range by using dotsight.

Kriss SVD Project Blackout as Sub Machine Gun

Kriss SVD Project Blackout :: The author has almost no drawbacks of this weapon unless rapid exhaustion of ammunition when using a double fire. When using a double fire, try to look at the amount of ammunition, because it will be quickly exhausted. If you’ve done with this double mode To make it back With a single push of a button B.

Kriss SVD

Kriss SVD Project Blackout :: What about its performance in the battlefield, let’s check of data and images that the authors take into consideration in buying this gun. The following is a screenshot of char author when using weapons Kriss SVD

Kriss SVD Project Blackout best title

Kriss SVD Project Blackout :: Initially I used the title Special troopers, assault commander, and the commander is supposed to get same with the title for the MP7 weapon. Consideration not to replace because it is not to much different from the type of this weapon. From my beret hat adds use defense ++. otherwise it does not use any items.

Best title for this Kriss SVD Project Blackout are: Assault Commander, Blow commander, special trooper. 
Kriss Project Blackout

The shape of the dot sight contained in this weapon will give a similar effect crosshair of the sniper. The term effect is to magnify the view and will increase accuracy better than not using it.

Kriss SVD Project Blackout :: This form is dual fire by pressing the B button if it is still the standard. The surplus is as I said above that is very quickly kill the opponent. Moderate deficiency is quickly depleted ammunition (40).

The result of the match as the following screenshot, probably from the opposing party is not seriously in play so as to give the team victory for writers

best title Kriss SVD Project Blackout

Kriss SVD Project Blackout :: As a conclusion of this kriss svd gun is very comfortable to use, high rate of fire, and has a double fire mode.  weaknesses according to the authors only when the dual mode, the bullet only filled 40 only and maybe friends think high prices as well as weaknesses. may be useful, respectfully