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How to defeat Inferno tower become my new goal because my base now is in Town Hall level 10. As my clan wars experiences, under the defenses are the highest level circumstances, when opponent’s wall is below level 9, I’ll get 100% percent damage that means 3 stars. If wall is level 9, then depends on what kind of base, for example, where the inferno towers are,wheather golems and wizards reach into the core position easily or not, so it’s kind of complicated.  This walkthrough totally for how to 3 stars your opponent who has wall below level 9 when you raid unless you always make mistakes.

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How to defeat Inferno tower


How to defeat Inferno tower is Attacking direction


What you have to do first is choose one of the 2 direction of 2 inferno towers forming a line that makes you avoiding under attacked by 2 inferno towers. Then you can attack start in 3 o’clock or 9 o’clock, which one would be better? 
I’ll suggest you choose the one of inferno towers which being set multiple target, because multiple target inferno tower will be a big threat for wizards and witches who are our mainly output troops. After then , when single target  inferno tower focus on you, you don’t even throw freeze spell out instantly unless your queen or PEKKA being attacked.
Notes the buildings in core area, mostly are castle and dark elixir storage, I suggest you start attack kind far from castle, that ‘s because you can freeze inferno tower and castle troops, otherwise if your troops especially king and PEKKA into the core area, it costs much more time for them to take the castle and dark elixir storage down, while castle troops out disturb your plan , you couldnot be better any more.

Tip: the range of freeze spell is 3 and half tiles, it’s possible cover inferno towers both if you use it correctly.

How to defeat Inferno tower :: Troops combination
My troops are 15 wall breakers, 11 wizards, 2 witches, 1 PEKKA.
How to defeat Inferno tower :: As you see I take lots of wall breakers, that’s because  after version updated, it’ll be difficult for king or queen to take down the walls, both 2 sides walls I need 7-8 wall breakers, Middle direction I need 12-13.

How to defeat Inferno tower Spells which I take are 2 rage spells 1 jump spell 2 freeze spells normally, but this time I take 3 freeze spells, because my opponent’s wall kind of weak.

Inferno tower
How to defeat Inferno tower
Wizards could not be less 11 any more as my experiences, otherwise you can not clear the both sides buildings.
2 witches just for opponent’s castle troops. PEKKA in new version works great, but I still suggest you don’t take the troop over 3. 2 PEKKAs enough.

How to defeat Inferno tower ::  attacking time

First let the golems out as a meat shield, clear both sides buildings using wizards, then heroes out reach to the core area, take inferno towers and x-bows down,  sounds easy, right? Definitely no, make sure no more buildings in 4 tiles range when let the heroes out, otherwise, heroes will be misleading (so does PEKKA).
Break the walls before let the golems out. That’s because golems might target different before walls down. If opponent’s wall is below level 9, 2 wall breakers work. Normally let the 1 barbarians out if he is under attack then 2-3 more barbarians out,then let the wall breakers out target for walls,avoiding being killed by wizards tower. Of course you can let the golems out if you can make sure he will not be misleading.
When the golems and wizards reach the second layer of the base, let more wall breakers out, Notes for inferno tower, because it has multiple targets, might a threat for wall breakers. So you better using it correctly, freeze spell must be a good combination choice.

Don’t throw all the wall breakers out once a time, 3-4 in a row will works good.

Wizards should be out after golems as soon as possible, but still you have to wait for the second layer walls be broken,  otherwise golems are punching the wall for trying to get in the core area, then wizards are being targeted by defensive buildings easily,that’s not our plan.basically 1 wizards for 1 buildings, and you better let your wizards focus on side buildings more let the middle buildings attracting heroes and PEKKA to attack.
Spell in Clash of clans

How to defeat Inferno tower about spells, spells which a key factor for the victory, I’ll suggest you the first rage spell positioned on inferno tower which is being set multiple targets. Also combination the first freeze spell for protecting wall breakers. After wall breakers blown the walls down, heroes and PEKKA should be in the core area, let the second rage spell out.
The second freeze spell should be out for your heroes and PEKKA are being targeted by inferno towers. 2 rage spells cover together do not improve the power, so you better don’t do it. But you should line them together. Keep 1 jump spell for the unpredictable situation.
How to defeat Inferno tower Normally opponent’s castle troops will be killed before I start attacking, if you still worry about,I’ll suggest you take 1 lightening spell. Below is a video contain inferno tower, not mine but still we can see how great the inferno towers


How to defeat Inferno tower taken from some forum which name is gamatrix, so at here i give the link to give attribution to its content. The article of course i mix and change it in order to give more great information and also eye catching mode. Last but not least feel free to comment in the section below. Thanks for coming and reading this article. Read also How To Defeat Cross Base Town Hall 10

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