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How to get Best Design Town Hall 7 Base guide will give you a briefly information steps by steps to creating a base layout which is more defensive than other bases in clash of clans game.
The design or layout of your base Town Hall 7 is one of the most important thing which can make a huge different to the outcome. Any Town Hall 7 base design with unorganized building structures can make massive loss of trophies and resources like gold and elixir

Design Town Hall 7 Base design that is made to be effective against all types of troops and attacking strategies can make your base very difficult to raid, so in here i will give you the 5 best design town hall level 7 base clash of clans of course campuradukloh version.

Design Town Hall 7 Base :: Although TH7 is still can be crippled by enemy forces by using an expensive unit (such as a dragon), players who use the layout / form recommended in these tips will find that generally the attacker would be difficult to get into the village until this level TH was touched.

Design Town Hall 7 Base 1: this is become my favorite base ever in this town hall 7 level. At this map we can see 3 layer cover wall until get to the middle of base. Of course there are several ways to attack this base in clash of clans.

The most important is about the tunnel in the middle of this base to make the raider follow the path in there. Of course when it broken by the giants there are several traps that will be waiting on it.

Town hall 7 base clash of clans
Design Town Hall 7 Base

Design Town Hall 7 Base 2. This is a unique base which i choose not only because of its pattern but also the difficulty to raid this base. In the beginning layer we could see the traps in every wall which are open, just small but it will work so great, i bet it. The giants will get into these ways to get inside of the base. Then you can assume that it will go away from this base.

Town Hall 7 Base design clash of clans
Design Town Hall 7 Base

Design Town Hall 7 Base 3. This base th7 is also the best design to use it especially at war. Th7 base which are using more than 3 layers wall to cover its town hall are categorized good base for me. So just take a look at the design below and you will understand the differences from another.

Design Town Hall 7 Base

Design Town Hall 7 Base 4. I choose this design because of its complexity to raid. This map still covered by level 3 layers which is make more difficult to raid.

Design Town Hall 7 Base

Design Town Hall 7 Base 5. This is my base design when i got into the town hall 7. I used this base because of seeing it in the youtube channel. Of course there is a good base too.

Town Hall 7 base
Design Town Hall 7 Base

Design Town Hall 7 Base article above is purely just for the information, guidance, and strategy in order to make you easy to design town hall level 7 base. All of design above can be used both in warclan or just common map. Hopefully this article help you to create another base set up in TH7 Clash of clans. You can see another great article How to Defeat Town Hall 7 Clash of Clans.

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