Common Layout Base In Clash Of Clans

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In common layout base in Clash of clans out here, we are seeing so many tips and guide of the best layout for a base in Clash of clans. Indeed these game base layouts are impacted by the amount of money a particular player has. Obviously if you can upgrade everything and build tons of walls, you will have a concentric set of walls protecting your most important buildings.  The best layouts are using more hoops so the enemy soldiers have to jump through, the better.

In common layout base in Clash of clans, however, when the player Town Hall is in a low level and you are not able to afford buy an upgrade or support a complete set of Walls, you might want to consider placing sections of Wall at strategic locations. If you are able to funnel enemies down a particular route using walls or buildings, you can then place Mortars and Wizard Towers along this route to take out multiple units at a time. These all layouts using route best for my Clash of clans’ base.

Common layout base in clash of clans, the player should recognize that natural obstacles, like bushes and rocks, will not stop enemy units. The Clasher which tries to build walls around these will not work. Same with trying to use a building to plug a hole in a wall will not stop the enemy either. However, depending on the type of units that the enemy is sending your way, clash of clans player may be able to distract them with buildings so that they stop to attack them. This tactic always leaves you at risk of certain units, like Goblins, who will always runs straight for the nearest resource structures.

Common Base Layouts

The Basic Base Clash of Clans:
In building best layout base Clash of Clans sometime the players generally use the first base that people build, early on, follows this theme. Almost All of the most important buildings should be inside the Walls. But, when you cannot build enough Walls to surround all of your buildings, consider placing other structures, such as Barracks, Army Camps, Mines and Extractors, outside the Walls. While a complete set of Walls is not a necessity, any gap is an invitation for enemies to release any troops at that location, so be sure to defend it to the hilt. The Best layout base Clash of Clans key tips for you :: buildings which must  inside the Walls are your defensive weapons, Town Hall, and Storage structures.
Clash of clans layout base
Weaknesses of basic base Clash of clans: Once you reach a level where you are regularly seeing Giants, the single-wall base is not so effective any more, as they are adept at pounding a hole in the wall.  Of course our enemies will focus and target on the area of your base with the fewest Cannons and other defensive weaponry and it is hard to protect every corner of your base equally well with these.
Compartmented Base Clash of Clans:
Once Giants are on the scene this base has definite advantages. The general idea behind it is to have the Town Hall right in the middle of the base, then defensive weapons around it, each with a square wall surrounding it. The bigger these walls, the better, but that depends on what you can afford. Giants will go for the weapons and walls first, and take a lot of damage in the process, as the Cannons etc. around the Town Hall will have overlapping target areas. If you are lacking in Walls, you can put multiple important structures in each compartment – the main thing is to be able to keep your defensive weaponry alive for as long as possible to wear down the invading army.

Weaknesses: Archers are able to fire over the Walls so if attacked en masse with these, you may find it hard to combat them.