Clash Of Clans Strategy Against Inferno Tower

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Clash of clans strategy against inferno tower :: There are Lots of walk through we have seen before about how to attack and get 2 stars on TH 10. Why not three stars? , the only reason is because of high defensive Town Hall level 10.  This clash of clans strategy against inferno tower will give you the best ways to get 3 stars. 
Clash of clans strategy against inferno tower  :: It’s difficult for us to get 3 stars 100%, but there is saying lucky for the better prepared, right?
Clash of clans strategy against inferno tower Five Optimizations. These five optimizations contain Troops mix optimization, and then clear the castle troop’s optimization, attacking optimization, spells out optimization, and the last heroes’ ability optimization
Clash of clans strategy against inferno tower  of course there is still needs lots of battles data to support this technique, and commonly no one base suit everyone. No need to say lots of high defensive TH 10 and high level wall TH 10 base are hard to get 3 stars.

Clash of clans strategy against inferno tower :: Don’t lose 1 second time if you wanna get 3 stars

Let’s get brief with example, for clear the castle troops optimization, Usually 2 rage spells and 3 freeze spells which a typical spell choice you make for clan wars base, but once time, the opponent’s castle troops were witches, and they were not attracted out easily, for clear the castle troops as quickly as possible, I modified spells choice and took 1 lightening spell, then I planned to kill them all after them out, at this rate everyone will earn more than 40 seconds, this strategy should help me a lot.
clash of clans strategy

 Unfortunately, Plan is plan, yet I made some mistakes in practical situation. Because when I started, only 1 witch came out, so I had to use one barbarian attract another again, that’s the second mistake I made, I should use wall break, because he’s faster.

Anyway, Finally it took me plenty of time to change my plan, although the result was good, because I still got time. Also told me even you made some mistakes, don’t be freaking out, be patient and waiting for the next proper time.
clash of clans strategy

clash of clans strategy against inferno tower Another opponent’s base. This base is totally different from up one, perfect position where leading the castle troops to be killed. Also the troops in the castle are not that kind of slowly troops,so I take spells as usual way.

Attacking troops out correctly when you clear opponent’s castle troops, our attacking troops should not be fired by castle troops before we let them out. Also if our witches skeletons was killed by opponent’s troops, then we better put some barbarians out. Usually the order I put the clear troop out is barbarians-> witches->barbarians->wizards->barbarians.
clash of clans strategy

clash of clans strategy against inferno tower  attacking optimization

As game starts, you should blow walls out if the walls are easy down by wall breakers while not be killed easily. That helps us one is let the wall breakers out also attracting the castle troop out that, also if big bombs inside base, or let the wall breaks out if cover troops being attacking by opponent’s cannon and wizard tower defensive building, that will make us frustrated. The third is golem might be untargeted if we don’t blown the walls open.
clash of clans strategy

Still wizards should attacking simplify, if you want to wizards in middle, then you should let them outside, then they’ll focus on middle buildings after they clears side buildings and vice versa. Of course the simplest way is keep the wizards on hand, after the side buildings vanished then let the wizards out, yet time delayed. So you better consider what kind of way suits you.

I put the heroes’ out instantly, lots of people for 2 stars insurance, put the heroes out into the middle after buildings outside clearly enough, but I approach to 3 stars, if put the heroes out as beginning, heroes mix troops works great together, that will make our more troops get into core position early, also avoiding our troops killed on side non defensive buildings. So usually I put the king out first before side buildings clearing as my expecting, and then I’ll put the pekka/queen as quickly as possible.
clash of clans strategy

As the picture above shows, red round marked means the side buildings we have to clear before we let our main troops out.
Clash of clans strategy against inferno tower, The importance of after let all troops out is spells out optimization heroes’ ability optimization, I’ll discuss them together.  Just zoom to make the map big after your troop out, focus on attacking situation, preparing for start heroes ability.
clash of clans strategy

Freeze spells usually for using on Inferno Tower and concentrated defensive buildings. Especially multiple mode inferno towers not only attack golems in front of it, but also focus on wizards behind the golems. That tells us again the order let the troops out; wizards should be out after golem/king/pekka always.
clash of clans strategy

clash of clans strategy against inferno tower concentrated defensive buildings, everybody knows the power that they make together. So freeze spells works perfect if put it on inferno tower while concentrated defensive buildings.

clash of clans strategy against inferno tower Perfect time for freeze spells out: opponent’s concentrated power,  start attacking

Freeze spells no need to use when inferno tower just attacking golem/king/pekka which high HP troops, still you better let freeze out earlier if you can take one inferno tower down with 1 rage spell and 1 freeze spell for sure.

Rage spells:

The first rage spell should be used on concertrated power defensive building also include inferno tower with freeze spell to take one of inferno tower down that we mentioned before. The second rage spell I’ll suggest you let it out next middle core position,that’s because when our main troop into core position, cleared the buildings,also still being attacked by other concerntrated defensive buildings’ intense power, so if put the rage spell next the core postion,then troops will be leaded side, less defense power than before.
clash of clans strategy

Usually, King should not be damaged badly covered by golem and freeze spell. Also on rage spells king with ability cannot works both, so I’ll suggest you better let the king ability calm down, for using break the walls or open ability after inferno tower down. and still if freeze spell vanished, and inferno tower attacking wizards behind other troops, then king ability should open as soon as possible. Wizards first always!

clash of clans strategy against inferno tower Finally, Troops mix optimization
For now, Golem pekka rush is popular. Golem: cover troop also let the spring trap does not work. 3 golems being accept usually.

P.E.K.K.A: most efficient troop after version updated, High HP, high DPS, they’ll not let disappoint if put them in core of the base, level 4-5 PEKKA on range spell can take level 3 inferono tower down jiust one attack. But the movement speed of pekka was not good,also ehy are focus on one target to attack, so more Pekka is unnecessary.  If you can keep wizards alive not being attacked by inferno tower, wizards DPS should works better than PEKKA, so I ‘ll suggest you 2 PEKKA is OK.

Witches: YOU better take witches if you wanna 3 stars for sure. All we wanna do is keep them alive, witches can do everything, against castle troops, dps, take the traps, and skeltons can replace wizards being attacked by inferno tower sometimes.

All you have to do is keep them alive as long as possible. I’ll suggest you take 3 if you wanna 3 stars.
Wizards: main DPS troops clear the side buildings, against castle troops, take them as much as possible.

Barbarians/balloons/hog riders: enough to clear the castle troops.

Wall breakers: enough numer of wall breakers unless you use jump spell. But wall breakers are so weak so you better use them with freeze spell. So when you face complicated hybrid base ,I’ll suggest you use jump spell not wall breakers. If the base is simple, wall breakers works fine especially leaded by opponent’s heroes. Then you let PEKKA in after wall breakers worked.

Heroes:  upgrade them level as high as possible. And also if you still 3 stars TH 10 for sure , you better choose early-middle th 10 for practice.

clash of clans strategy against inferno tower All in all tips:

    Time is everything.

      Clear the opponent’s castle troops as quickly as possible in a low cost. If you are in a big trouble with this, lightening spell finish it.

        Troops should out correctly and be leading to the same target.

          Range spell out time depends on the rage of core defensive buildings. If small,then should let range spell out include the edge of outside buildings. If big, you better let it out reach to the second inferno tower.

            freeze spell out should be patient. Let it out when the concentrated power start attack.

              witches I keep mentioned, take them , they will not let you disappoint.

                clash of clans strategy against inferno tower taken from forum, i don’t know the author but this clash of clans strategy against inferno tower dedicated to him and i really appreciate it. In order to make it clearly understandable i rewrite it. So feel free to comment and thanks for reading this article clash of clans.

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