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Child of Light game Review :: Do you remember the  Far Cry 3 game? Game created by Ubisoft Montreal in Far Cry series and achieve extraordinary success in the multi-platform when it was released at the end of 2012. Due to financial success obtained by the Ubisoft Montreal team, said the company Ubisoft very impressed and gave them freedom to pursue their passion project. The Results of a passion project that is the Child of Light, an RPG with the feel of the J-RPG storyline but a fairy tale-style tales of Europe. Child of Light Since first presenting the trailer debut in 2013, fans have been stunned by the beauty of his world and instantly catapulted this title as one of the most anticipated title in 2014 by fans of quality RPG.

The story begins when the Child of Light Princess Aurora from the Austro died in 1895. The king will mourn the death of Aurora without realizing that the princess was not dead completely. What happened, Princess Aurora into a world of fairy tales: Lemuria empire whose inhabitants are threatened great distress. Kingdom of Lemuria was once a beautiful kingdom bathed until Umbra, a queen of darkness appears and steals the sun, moon, and stars. Further exacerbating the situation is the loss of the Queen of Light which protects Lemuria.

In the course of Princess Aurora met with variegated figure assists in his adventures along the way or blocking. Can Princess Aurora find the sun, moon, and stars to illuminate his way back home to Austria and to save the kingdom of darkness that gripped Lemuria?

Normally I do not comment on the first chart and audio from a game because of the gameplay and story is not it the main selling an RPG? But for the Child of Light is hard to not gasp when looking at the screen first turns into the game. From the beginning of the narrative like a fairy tale, gamers instantly drawn in as well as Aurora entered into the world of Lemuria were so beautiful and varied. Although the first to explore the world of Lemuria is rather difficult because of the limited movement of the Aurora in the first hour you will get the skill to fly. Yes, fly like a fairy with wings! Once you get this ability Lemuria suddenly the whole area you are free to explore ranging from the high end of the sky to the deep ocean floor.

Child of Light game
Aurora was accompanied by music and meditative mix of shade, helping gamers get into the hypnotic adventure Aurora. I salute with Coeur de Pirate (real name: Beatrice Martin) is working on the music in this game. He handled it helps us understand the quality and content of the liver Aurora and other characters in this game through his music. No strong or dominant orchestral music too passionate in this game (not even for battle) but it did not reduce the wealth of melody in it. In closing, there is a sweet song to the Sleep Off the title game fitting close this fable.

Finished with two of the strongest aspects of this game let’s talk about the gameplay. Child of Light is a mixture of 2D platform games and RPGs. As Aurora you can fly explore the world of Lemuria and when met with the enemy (hit them) you’ll start fighting. Aurora controls are very solid on the world map and the world’s Lemuria is also wide enough for you to explore. This world also has quite a lot of hidden areas that you can enter to get new items or hidden boss in it.

Child of Light game

To Battle System, the game implements Interruption systems (such as the system introduced by the first Grandia II) solid. This means that every time your character or the enemy was about to execute the command (be it physical or magical attacks) you have a chance to stop it by attacking first. In addition you will also be accompanied by a light named Igniculus. Small light that accompany not only serves as a mere sidekick but also plays an important role in the battle. You can use Igniculus to ‘blind’ the enemy, so that their movements become slower and give you more chances to stop their attacks. Igniculus can also be a healer for you and your partner when injured.

The second unique system in this game is called crystal oculi. Oculi is a crystal which serves to strengthen your character. There are different types of crystals scattered throughout Lemuria and the more you find, combine crystals oculi that you will produce a stronger oculi. There are going to give additional powers of the elements (fire, water, et al) on the hit, but no one would help defensemu, until there were also supportive elements that add to your speed to execute the attack. Oculi, as well as Interruption system, not a new system in the world RPGs but Ubisoft Montreal wearing very fitting in this game that make the game in it.

The latter is the Skill Tree system in this game. Considering this comes from the developers who created Far Cry 3 you need not be surprised that the Skill Tree in this game similar to the game is free roaming. In addition to the game Far Cry 3 other J-RPG that uses similar elements is Final Fantasy X. Each character has some Skill Tree that they can improve and you are free to choose whether to raise all the Skill Tree evenly or select one Skill Tree specifically. One more thing that I acungi thumb is that every character in Child of Light feels different use of each other starting from the Aurora which is an all-round character to the characters as a specialist healer, magician, to warrior. The combination of your (because you can only use two characters in battle) add depth strategy to play this game.

Child of Light game

Considering Graphics, Sound, until the Child of Light Gameplay of all perform on average, almost perfect, the only thing that prevents the Child of Light to get a perfect score in my eyes is the story. I’m not saying the storyline of this game is bad because on one hand he dared to be different with dialogue-style rhyming poems and rhymes but on the other side of the story Aurora to save the world feels clichéd and repetitive storyline myriad of other J-RPG. Even worse is how the sequence of characters other than Aurora here do not get quite a lot of background story to animate their characters. Even Aurora was actually not quite get the spotlight so until we finished I just know Aurora as a girl who wants to go home to his father without knowing the details of the deeper akannya. It is ironic that the music from Coeur de Pirate actually say more about the characters in this game rather than the characters themselves.

So my verdict is … even so minor deficiencies in the plot does not make me not appreciate this game throughout the 15 hours. This is a beautiful and amazing RPG and if you’re a fan of J-RPG genre, you should not miss.

Final Verdict

Gameplay: 9.0

The gameplay of Child of Light does not offer anything new but it implements older systems are solid and give him different tweaks (Ignuculus)

Graphics / Sound: 10

Perfect in every way. After seeing dwilogi Rayman and Valiant Hearts, then this game, the more I seem to fall in love with UbiArt Framework engine used to design these games.

Play Time: 9.0

This game can be attained in about 15 hours. Rather short for the size of RPG games but no New Game + option and some DLC with additional scenarios that you can use to extend the story.